Friday, October 18, 2013

What is in Your Harvest?

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Wheat crop (Photo: Wikipedia)
by Nancy F Sharp

Harvest ...

  1. The act or process of gathering a crop.
    • The crop that ripens or is gathered in a season.
    • The amount or measure of the crop gathered in a season.
    • The time or season of such gathering.
  2. The result or consequence of an activity.

Autumn rolls around and farmers and gardeners around the globe gather the crops that they've taken from seedling to budding sprouts to full grown fruits and vegetables. Of course, nothing grows without attentive watering, fertilizing, weeding and nurturing.

Lots of uncontrollable factors come into play that affect the result of the crop ... droughts, floods, plagues, etc. So, the farmer prepares. He learns systems and how to use tools to work with these factors and reap as bountiful a harvest as possible.

So it is with life ...

We study and prepare for our careers. We take advanced training to keep abreast of our field. We practice and learn as we go along. When all goes well, we reap a respected reputation, a purposeful life and hopefully, a great income.

Perhaps we marry or commit to a lasting relationship. We start families. The success of these relationships is completely dependent on being attentive, caring, nurturing and available to our loved ones ... just as the farmers and gardeners are to their crops.

And when we are, the blessings of a 'harvest of love and satisfaction', developed over years of care and nurturing, are ours to enjoy.

Sometimes, life gets in the way of our happiness. Things we think are out of our control start to happen and we forget that we have the skills and knowledge within us to work through the challenges.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with life that a feeling of burnout and frustration becomes your daily existence? Do you find yourself feeling that "this is as good as it gets" ... and simply resign to a life without real purpose, or joy?

We all have the ability to change our lives so that our 'crop' does not fail. When we are willing to try, we can manifest wonderful changes and experience bountiful growth in our lives.

Making changes to a life that no longer feels purposeful requires some effort on our part:

  • We must be willing to reach within ourselves and use our gifts and talents
  • We need to focus and set goals
  • We need to work with a plan
  • Our plan needs to be planted, fertilized and nurtured
  • We need tools and systems to help us with life's challenges so we can reap the best possible crop/result of our labor

As a Life Balancing Specialist, it's my mission and my passion to teach others how an integrated and holistic approach to personal growth and renewal can make a radical difference in their lives.

There are few joys more gratifying to me than watching a client work towards change and plant, nurture and manifest a completely new outlook and way of living.

Nancy is the Life Balance Expert for accomplished professionals and executives who want more work-life-family balance and a blueprint to realize the life they dream about.

Using her time-sensitive Signature System, Nancy partners with busy professionals who suffer from stress, overwhelm and a lost sense of purpose.

She offers the tools that allow clients to quickly discover a clear path through the forest AND clearly shows each one how to effectively use the tools step-by-step as they put their plan into action, resulting in improved health, relationships, finances and happiness.

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