Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tim Ferriss’ Favourite Apps for Time Management and Productivity

Picture 1by Kritika Seksaria, 21st Century News: http://www.21stcenturynews.com.au/tim-ferrissfavourite-apps-time-management-productivity/

Tim Ferriss is considered the guru of life-hacking.

The man knows how to be successful by just having a 4-hour work week, how to have a great body by putting in just 4 hours of effort and how to become a 4-Hour Chef.

Recently, in an interview with Lifehack.org, Ferriss revealed some of the gadgets, apps and devices he uses to make his life and chores simpler, albeit more productive.

Today at 21st Century News we decided to share with our readers some of these effective life-hacking techniques that are available with the advent of modern technology and assist in leading a simpler and more result-driven lifestyle.

Scrivener is a word-processing tool and Ferriss says he has used it for his last two books since unlike Word, it doesn’t crash as much and also gives him the opportunity to look at multiple documents at once. “It’s minimalist and great”, he says.

Evernote: This research tool is one that most university students swear by and it has also come in handy in my profession as a journalist. Ferriss of course uses it as a research tool and also for saving webpages for offline reading, de-cluttering paper from the house, remembering wine labels, etc.

AeroPress: A coffee brewing device and if pop-culture is to be believed, an essential for all writers. It takes a total of 30-seconds brewing time and has the same strength as an espresso. Ferriss tells Lifehack: “Aim for 12g of coffee to 200g of water at 175-180 degrees F. Clean up literally takes two seconds”.

Uber: The Uber app connects you with a driver at the tap of a button and is available on both iPhone and Android. Recently launched in Sydney, it is a one-tap process to get a car and driver to pick you up and ensure you have reached your destination. You do not need to pay cash either because the fare will be deducted from your pre-registered credit card. The app is more handy for those who don’t use public transport and can afford such services thus catering to just a niche crowd.

TaskRabbit: A great app to outsource weekly chores such as cleaning, groceries, repairs etc. This app is applicable to people from various income groups. Some may use it for an occasional cleaning service whereas some may use it to get their groceries done regularly. Ferriss says that TaskRabbit saves 10 hours of his week. This app is not available in Australia, however, a good alternative is Airtasker for those who live in Sydney.

RescueTime: A personal analytics service that shows you how you spend your time and provides tools to help you be more productive. Ferriss uses it to block out 90-120 minutes in the morning from social media and emails. As efficient as the digital world is, it can often get distracting with emails popping up constantly and tweets and posts that often ignite impatience and curiosity. It is commonly believed that most successful people use their mornings to do productive and high-priority tasks and not waste time in correspondence. No wonder Tim Ferriss resorts to using this app to manage time more appropriately.

Email Game: The Email Game is a fast way to manage emails if you have a gmail account. It also works well on all android phones. As mentioned above, we spend hours of our time on correspondence or sometimes even reading emails that are not particularly relevant to us. This app helps prioritise emails and subsequent actions and correspondence. For each email the app lets you decide what to do with it and you get points for efficiently managing your time. It’s a fun way to manage time and deal with emails faster.

Sticky Notes: When it comes to ‘things-to-do’ lists, Ferriss confesses he is rather old school. He posts sticky notes and index cards and actions them as and when needed. He says the best to complete the to-do list is by learning to say ‘no’ and having a list of things ‘not-to-do’. He states it makes him use his time better and focus on priorities.

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