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Simplify Your Personal Development

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by Charles Fitzgerald Butler

Personal development is not a hobby.

 If you are serious about improving your life, your business, and future it is a process you must commit to daily.

Ah, let me guess. You feel you do not have the time, right? Or maybe you just do not know where to start.

The simplest way to succeed is to spend 30-60 minutes everyday reading and listening.

1. Understanding Personal Development

Self improvement means something different to everyone. Maybe you want greater communication and healthier relationships. Or you want to become a better speaker or writer. You may want to master a marketing technique.

There is nothing wrong with either of these goals, but you must first leave your "comfort zone," learn new habits, understand yourself, focus on the result, and change your way of thinking.

2. Just Listen

If you want to learn anything it is in a book. Books are transcribed to audio or there are training programs. Turn your commute time in to a mobile university. Play your books on your iPod or MP3 player. Turn your down time to learning time.

3. Why Reading Works

Self education is the most important thing you can do in your life. First and foremost, the books you read create a sense of mental awareness. You realize what traits you must improve for you to live a better life. This is how you learn to enhance your strengths and talents.

Discover greater insights on becoming an effective person. Reading gives you access to information, skills, and techniques. By the time you soak in the last word you know anything can happen in your life.

Your brain is a sponge and reading allows your sponge to soak up everything it needs to get you to the right destination.

4. The Benefits of Personal Development

If you are a skeptic and wonder why you should pursue a personal development plan, keep reading. Here are some simple, yet powerful, benefits of personal development:

  • Self Confidence - You will have the confidence to do anything you desire in your life. Once you believe you will achieve!
  • Wealth - Increasing your wealth is actually a frame of mind, and the only way to develop this frame of mind is to learn how to increase the flow of it into your life; become success driven. The wealthiest people have read more than 1,000 books.
  • Competitive Edge - You can gain a competitive edge by reading for 30-60 minutes per day in your chosen field. Doing so makes you an expert in three years. As Brian Tracy, an authority on personal success states, "all leaders are readers."
  • Mentoring - You will have the ability to mentor people with newfound communication skills you never realized you had. You, too, will soon find you have the gift of training and speaking just as the authors of the personal development books you read, have. Those around you begin desiring the knowledge you have, as they see the changes in your life taking place. And who knows? Perhaps personal development training is your calling.

These are the benefits personal development. Remember your body requires constant nutrition to stay healthy, so does your mind. You cannot read one self-help book, or listen to one audio training session and believe it is enough. You must continue each day strengthening your skills.

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