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Online Self-Help Tips: How to be Resilient

week 24 - Resilience
Resilience (Photo: Sweet Dreamz Design)
by Michael J. Simpson

Every once in a while it is good to expose yourself to online self help tips. Have you ever felt that it was impossible to recover from a setback?

In today's sharing, I would like to discuss with you a few pointers on how you can develop your resilience.

Let me be frank. We are all human and none of are perfect. Hence we are bound to make mistakes in life. What matters is how we react to these mistakes.

Online Self-Help Tips - Forgive Yourself

Sometimes we may find it hard to forgive ourselves for the wrong which we have committed. In fact, it is probably easier to forgive others in most cases.

This is where you need to learn to let go and admit that you made a blunder but there is nothing you can do to go back in time and prevent that from happening. You can learn from your mistake and learn how you can avoid the same mistake in future.

However, tell yourself that you are human and mistakes happen anyway. Let go of what you have done and move on in life. That is perhaps the most important step when it comes to being resilient.

Online Self-Help Tips - Take It Easy

Apart from forgiving yourself, you need to learn to take it easy. Being uptight is not going to help you, especially if you want to avoid making the same mistake again. Do not feel pressurized. If you remain calm, chances are, you are more likely to learn from that mistake and never make it again.

People who feel the pressure to right their wrongs often end up making the same mistake again later on. I hope you will not end up like one of them. It is important to learn from your mistakes, but do not hold it against yourself or try and redeem yourself.

Online Self-Help Tips - Treat Your Mistakes As Lessons

The best way to be resilient is to treat each setback as a lesson that you can learn in life. You can turn a past tragedy into a future triumph if you pay attention to this step. Let each mistake be an opportunity to live and learn.

Imagine if Thomas Edison had given up after making numerous failed attempts. We would probably be living in a world of darkness today!

I hope you have learnt something new from these online self help tips. Do remember these points that I have mentioned today.

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