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Mastering Your Ego, Get Unstuck and Move Forward

Cover of "Taking Action"
Cover of Taking Action
by Carolyn M Bennett-Sullivan

Have you ever had a challenge in your life that you really want to change but just can't seem to work through it or move forward?

You may make a little headway and then find yourself back in the same habits and wonder why your life isn't changing. I can relate.

In fact I have a confession to make. I'd been struggling since my divorce a few years ago. I just couldn't seem to get ahead financially.

And then it dawned on me. I'd been using the excuse of not having money to stay stuck financially, in my relationships and pretty much every area of my life.

Once I realized that I also knew that my ego had been up to its tricks in an attempt to keep me safe and in my uncomfortable comfort zone. So what are the symptoms of ego driven stuckness?

Mild Ego Stuckness

You plan to go to the gym to lift weights because your goal is to build muscle mass yet you go for a walk instead because it's so nice outside.

What To Do

You still did something really good for yourself yet you lost sight of your goal. Next time ask yourself "How does this choice serve me and my vision for what I desire"? Take action based on the answer that comes to you. For example when I finish lifting weights I'm going to take a walk because it's so nice outside.

Moderate Ego Stuckness

You plan to go to the gym to lift weights but instead you start on a project at home.

What to Do

Now your ego is distracting you by telling you there's something else that's more of a priority. Ask yourself "Does this get me closer to my goal or further away from my goal"? If your answer is that it's taking you further away from your goal then it's time to remember why you made that a goal for yourself.

Severe Ego Stuckness

You plan to go to the gym but consistently have other priorities come up that prevent you from lifting weights.

What to Do

Once you recognize that you're not doing much if anything towards your goal then its time to re-evaluate and determine why you're not taking action towards it. Most likely it's fear that's holding you back.

Is it fear of failure or how your life will change once you reach your goal? Will your relationships or habits change because of this goal? Write down your "Big Why" reasons why this goal is a priority for you and post it where you can see it and read it every day.

And when you're tempted to make excuses read it and remember the more you do towards your goal the happier and more fulfilled you'll feel.

One More Thing

Remember our ego serves a purpose to protect us so when we find ourselves making excuses for not moving forward, accept yourself and recommit to your goal.

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Carolyn Bennett-Sullivan helping you to create your ideal life.

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