Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How Do You Handle The Rain?

Rain days
Rain days (Photo credit: @Doug88888)
by Gigi Blackshear

Rainy Days! It is true, that into each life some rain must fall, but how do you handle the rain?

Do you let it ruin your day? Does the rainy weather dictate your activities or do you don your rain gear and splash right into it head first?

Every time it rained, my initial thought process used to be, bah! hum bug! It's raining again! Didn't it rain all day yesterday!

Because I had no choice but to be out and about, I bemoaned the rain! "Why doesn't it stop already!" I whined and complained! The traffic was bad, there were accidents everywhere ... and yet the rain kept pouring!

I finally made my way home, exhausted and soggy! Once inside, I put on my pajamas, my fluffy robe and my socks and made myself a cup of tea. I sat down with my tea and my book and looked outside, the rain was still pouring, but somehow it look differently from inside.

I was dry, warm, comfortable, safe, and at peace on the inside. Gone was the complaining, whining tirade. But it was still raining on the outside.

Using the rain as a metaphor for life, it is possible to remain warm, comfortable, at peace and safe on the inside when it is raining on the outside, or better yet, when all hell is breaking loose in your life? is it possible to be at peace on the inside, in your heart and mind?

I think the answer lies in the way we view the rain. Consider this, the rain is temporary. As are many of the difficulties in life. Even when the rain comes, we still have choices, we can entertain the rain by choosing to go out and about or we can wait it out and let it pass!

Same in life, because as we know "this too shall pass and trouble doesn't last always!" And we always have choices!

The blessing is, you get to choose how to handle the rain! How do you choose to handle the rain? Do you see it as liquid sunshine or as a damper to your day. Perspective is everything and it really does make a difference how you look at things.

Surely, in the whole scheme of things, you can handle a little liquid sunshine? Besides your garden might just need a little watering! Think of what would happen if the rain stopped for good! How's that for a different perspective! Don't forget to take your umbrella!

Gigi Blackshear is the Author of Thank You For The Pain: Poems and Reflections on the Journey to Gratitude and Founder of Conscious Choice Coaching. Contact her at or visit her on the web at

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