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Fun Goal Setting Activities for Adults

Setting Goals
Setting Goals (Photo credit: planningqueen)
by Leonard Mitchell

If you've done much work on personal development, you'll know that goal setting often crops up as one of the things you "should" do.

And if you're like most people I've met, that's where it stays: on the to do list but never quite getting done.

Mainly because goal setting seems a bit too much like hard work.

Here are some fun ways you can use to add some sparkle to your goal setting to help you actually do it.

Play "what if"

Most of us like games and this is definitely one that will take you to a new place in your goal setting.

You can choose a scenario - a nice one like you've just won the lottery or (if you're in a miserable mood) a gloomy one like you've only got a year to live. Whatever strikes a chord with you - first instincts are the best ones to go with here.

Then ask yourself what you'd do if one of those scenarios took place. What would you do differently from now? What would you do more of? And less of?

Take a bit of time to do this and don't edit yourself while you're doing it. Then go back a bit later and look at your list - you'll probably find some common themes and you should be able to adopt one or two of those as your next goal.

Chunk it down

Often we set ourselves big goals. And whilst there's nothing wrong with doing that, it can impose a sense of "I'll never manage that" on you. In which case play a game with yourself to see how many pieces you can break your goal down into.

It's a bit like a jigsaw which uses hundreds or even thousands of pieces to make one large picture. You can do the same with your goals which makes them appear less daunting. You can then challenge yourself to complete at least one of these micro steps towards your goal every day.

Prepare to be amazed at how this transforms your goal setting activities.

Use some software

Goal setting software is quite common nowadays - or you can use the lower tech version of writing down the steps towards your goal, printing those steps off and then crossing each step off the list when you've completed it.

Either way works nicely.

Personally, I prefer goal setting software, especially if it starts each time I switch on my computer as that acts as an extra reminder to get on with whatever goal I've set.

If you'd like more goal setting examples then check out the goal examples here.

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