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8 Dynamite Ways to Power Past Your Competition

Dynamite Steps
Dynamite Steps (Photo: Wikipedia)
by Patrick M George

Are you constantly finding yourself being passed up by your competition? Have you seen promotions and advancements be achieved by everyone but you?

Today your success will be given a big boost. With these 8 steps you will power past your competition.

Step 1 - Identify

Identify what you are looking to improve. Identify what practices you will have to change. Identify what your success will look like once you reach the next level. This will allow you to establish your focal point.

Step 2 - Increase

Increase the scope and focus of the goal to give it a boost. This boost will cause your goal to transform from good to great. Leaving anything that resembles ordinary way behind.

Step 3 - Go Deep

Go or better yet ... dig deep. Dig deeper into yourself. Now that you have identified what you have ahead of you, and you have increased the scope. Now you need to make sure that you are committed and are willing to give everything you have to make this process to its end.

You will need to be willing to tap into all of your strengths. You will also look at the long term and lasting effects of you reaching the next level far beyond your competition.

Step 4 - Tenacity

Have the tenacity of a Chihuahua. Oh Yes, stay at it and stay on it! Disregard the naysayers and keep your nose to the proverbial grind stone. It may be a dog fight through some of the way but stay on it.

Step 5 - Realize

Realize you have stepped up your game to a level that even you haven't seen before. Even if you find yourself a bit short of the total when it's all said and done remember that simply because of the sheer robustness of your goal, that "close" may allow you to reap some incredible rewards.

Step 6 - Surround

Surround yourself with positive influences. Make sure you always have access to positive people and resources. Those influences will come in handy when the going gets tough.

Step 7 - Be resourceful

Achieving this level of success will take everything you have and then some. You may have to create some opportunities in order to power forward. Use every asset to propel you further towards your goals.

Step 8 - Never give up!

Never give up. Never say quit! Don't let this goal die or slink to the bottom of your conscience. See it all the way through.

Patrick George is a popular motivational speaker and author of the books, "The Little Black Book of Leadership Quotes", "Quotes for the True Leader" and his newest book, "You Can't Fry Chicken in 8 Minutes but You Can Set Incredible Goals in 8 Steps".

Patrick's passion for motivating people comes from his years of experience in student activities during his high school and college years. For more than 20 years, Patrick has traveled the United States and Canada motivating thousands of youth and young adults.

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