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Your Diamonds Are Within You

Fear (Photo: PraveenbenK)
by Joseph Dabon

Ever heard of that story of a rich Persian who sold everything he had and left his family with a relative to search for a place where diamonds were as plenty as the sands of the desert?

He searched far and wide, but didn't find it. Until one day, in desperation, he cast himself into a river and died.

Meantime, back in his farm, the guy who bought it, while washing his feet in the river along one of its sides, saw a glint on the river bed. When he picked it up, lo and behold, it was the largest piece of diamond he ever saw.

Where your diamonds lie

This is a very old story. You may have heard it before. It has lived through countless generations, came out of thousands of storytellers' mouths, given countless twists, faces and names.

But one thing remains - it is still a good story to bring home the point that you need not go far to look for your diamonds. They can all be found within you if you just try to spend a few moments of introspection.

Be quiet, be still, listen with your heart and you will surely find it.

"There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, that's your own self" - Aldous Huxley.

If it is that close, why is it so difficult to find?

From the time we wake up each morning until we put ourselves to bed at night, our minds process thousands of data. Research shows that our minds are bombarded with 35,000 thought processes each day.

These come from things we see, touch, smell, or hear from the world around us. They come from our thoughts about work, family, relationships, money, career, health, social interaction and countless others.

In any given day, our minds are so busy processing thoughts from the outside that we drown out that little voice from the inside begging for attention.

Aside from "busyness," with other things, we fail, even ignore this "little voice" because of the factors like:

Fear of being wrong

We all have an aversion to be wrong. Since birth, we have been programmed to be right; to get approval from parents, other siblings. When we grow up, we hunger for approval from friends, peers, associates, loved ones, or society as a whole.

To be wrong is commonly associated to be stupid. And nobody wants to be taken as stupid, do you?
Nothing is further from the truth. To be afraid of being wrong is to do nothing - which is the worst wrong anybody can make.

Fear of being different

As strong as our fear of being wrong, is the fear to be different. We all want to belong to someone, something, to a group, or anything that can make us blend, like a chameleon to its surroundings.

Society believes that to be different is to be weird. Well, the most significant achievements of man were made by people who dared to be different.

Fear of failure

Show me a guy who has not experienced the bitter taste of failure and I will show you a person who has never done anything significant in life.

Failure is a necessary ingredient for learning, for growth, for becoming better. Nobody is exempted from it. We all fail, not only once, but several times in our lifetime.

Henry Ford failed a countless of times before he was able to make that car every American can afford. So did Bill Gates before he created Microsoft.

Between these two guys are countless others who failed miserably before they successfully found their "diamonds" that altered the way we live, think and do things today.

All these great men shared one thing in common. They failed and failed bad but they never quit. Many more will come. Maybe you could be one of them if you learn how to hurdle your fears.

So how can I find my diamonds, you might ask?

Any significant achievement of man started with one very important ingredient: Desire. With it, everything is possible. Without it, don't even start doing anything significant.

Then put your feet in a stream of cold, clear and clean water, relax, and look deep into yourself to find out where your diamonds lie.

Joseph Dabon

I am a retired engineer who has taken up writing to share with the world my experience in personal improvement during my long years in the corporate world.

I am currently writing a book, Chase Your Dreams, and blogging. Visit my site at http://withinyouisyoursuccess.com/ and join me in this exciting journey of searching for that success formula that resides in each one of us.

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