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Major Goals Require A Strategic Plan - Here's How!

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by James M Egan

After you have selected a goal, you are ready to start developing the actual plan that will allow you to accomplish that #1 Goal.

Now this is where most will move back, believing that establishing a plan, mainly a strategic plan, is a place they're not familiar with, so they balk at this suggestion.

So I'm going to describe below, just how easy this process can be so you will become a believer and then have this gift of learning for life. Let's start by spending a little time discussing the nature of a strategy.

Strategies are nothing more than a few words or sentences outlining the written steps you will require to complete a specific goal. A strategy is not complicated or unclear, but rather a clearly defined statement of how you will complete your strategic plan.

Simply stated, a strategy conveys HOW you are going to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN. Most people shutter when you start talking about strategic planning and the need for it, when you are planning to achieve a goal. 

However, there's no doubt that it's the most essential factor that's required, for any goal you want to achieve! Without this component, it's highly likely that your goal will fail.

Establishing a Strategic Plan is the most critical step in the entire planning process. The strategies you develop will come directly from your thoughts, ideas, and creativity, and will outline exactly how you are going to make things happen.

In other words, you will describe in a sentence or two, (a strategy), every action you will need to do to reach your goal. List as many strategies as you think it will take to achieve the goal.

Refine and prioritize your list of strategies until you know exactly which one should be tackled first. The more specific you describe each strategy, the easier it will be to formulate your Tactical Plan which will link directly to your Strategic Plan (tactical plan will be explained in another article).

Identifying your strategies will require some clear thinking, so be patient and responsive to all the different thoughts and possibilities that enter your mind. You should write down all your strategic ideas and don't be afraid to make changes.

Your strategies will define your journey, so it is imperative that they be accurate regardless of how many times you go back and make adjustments.

Modify delete or add as much as necessary until you are totally satisfied that your strategies accurately express how you are going to move forward to achieve your goal.

Learn how to accomplish any goal by establishing the strategies that are necessary to achieve that goal. Strategic planning is the core that must be formed in order to achieve any Major Goal!

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