Thursday, August 15, 2013

You Are the One to Develop the Leader in You!

by Evangeline Anumba

Leadership is the act of guiding, directing others to achieve a goal. In essence, there has to be a person that directs or guides the others, a leader, and a pilot who knows how to get to the destination.

Now, a leader does not just wake up one day and proclaim or emerge as a leader. Just like a baby, a baby does not start walking immediately he was born; it takes stages like sitting, crawling, and standing.

I also liken it to the trees that produce fruits. After planting, it does not just spring up and bear fruit, it goes through phases. So, it takes a lot of things to be in place to unfold as a real leader and be at advantage.

Any leader who can understand this will find it easy to thrive as a great leader before he even realizes it. A leader is out to make effective impact and influence others to become reputable leaders too, and you can't do that when you do not have the skills or what it takes to be one.

You have to be competent to earn respect or even inspire another. This is why a leader has to be patient, disciplined and should do what it takes to achieve his or her aim.

Because, if you are not patient enough, and do not understand that you have more work than others, you won't acquire the skills you need, and will definitely lack confidence. Therefore, in order to develop your leadership you need self-study, education, training and experience.

No one knows you better than you do and for you to grow and turn out a great leader you must understand yourself better. Understand your body, your strength, weakness, what makes you, what you can do best, etc.

Self mastery will actually help you map out your definite aim and to achieve it. It will help you improve on yourself your virtue, and quality. It is one of the big step to make, because then you will have a principle that guides you and from there comes your success.

You have made the act or process of acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment. Think about what will happen if there is no school and you don't get education, think of what it will be like if you don't know how to read.

Think about how much you must have missed out on a lot of information, and how people will define you as ignorant; you will agree with me that its doom all the way. To influence others or bring about a change, or even lead your generation, education is the foundation.

It is the fundamental power you need to crush any competition and be at advantage. It should not end at a certain stage but make it a lifestyle, study, be enlightened and no one will match you.

Don't think you are an expert and you know everything, be open-minded because, learning for a leader never ends. As long as he lives, he learns and desires to know more, to help him lead effectively.

Training is the process of developing what you have learnt. To be a great leader, it is not just about learning, but putting it into practice, developing what you know already.

Training is necessary because, then you will be able to put in your generated ideas and also generate new ideas while practicing. It is a continuous process which leads to greater experience.

Our memory consolidates things that happen, and when same thing happens again, it cliques and we can predict outcome or know the solution for the situation.

To be an effective leader get experience and let all of it count because with that, your skills as a leader will improve. It will make you ever ready for every situation. See beyond what others see and every idea should count.

Don't push away or shy away from any situation, face it, be a problem solver and be active. And with every problem solved, you gain more experience and nothing takes your confidence away.

In essence, you are not born a leader but efficiently made, but it's a continuous process and not a day or a period of time.

Great leaders make other leaders too, but to do that you also need great knowledge, general knowledge to be competent and be at advantage where ever you find yourself. So if you want to develop your leadership skills, build yourself, and you will build others.

Remember, you are the one to develop the leader in you and lead others.

Copyright, Evangeline Anumba

Evangeline Anumba is a success and impact maker. She is a student of Rhema University, Nigeria.
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