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Work Life Balance - Can a Business Owner Have Leisure Time (Or is Work Life Balance a Myth)?

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An artist's depiction of the rat race (Wikipedia)
by Chris Hallett

Have you fallen into the trap like many professional service business owners have, of believing that by working longer and longer hours to keep afloat, that you will still have the time and energy for a fulfilling personal life and that work life balance is a myth?

How wrong you could be!

This article will guide you through the myths and provide you with a real a sense of clarity that life/work balance isn't a myth and I'll also connect you with a blueprint to focus you back with your life.

The Tragedy

The real tragedy that for so many people, entertaining family and friends falls by the ways side, family activities take a back seat and life becomes a power struggle between family commitments and business pressures, goals, and survival.

The Warning Signs

No doubt you've seen the signs that often manifest themselves as unhappiness, dissatisfaction, illness, stress and ultimately relationship breakdown. Many entrepreneurs feel trapped in that never-ending tug of war power struggle between their personal and business lives, believing they are unable to have both.

And you do want both don't you?

Myth #1: It's not possible to own a business and have a personal life

It is a widely held myth, that running a successful business will take all of your time and that it is impossible to maintain a private life or any semblance of work life balance.

The Reality: There are many business owners who manage a successful business and have a fulfilling and rewarding personal life.

Myth #2: Solo Professional business owners have to work long hours to keep their business solvent

The Reality: Today's business owner has more opportunity to outsource activities that are outside of their field of expertise, leaving them time to concentrate on their core activity. The dividing line is between the revenue generating activity and the non-revenue generating ones.

Myth #3: Stress is caused by working long hours to make ends meet

The Reality: Stress is created by ourselves and our inability to deal with people, situations or a combination of both. It is possible to achieve a sensible work life balance or as I prefer to call it a life work balance, enjoy your personal life and do it in a stress free way, leaving you time enjoy life to the full.

Myth #4: Only big companies have business strategies

The Reality: Having a vision of what you want to achieve and where you want go in your business (your strategy) is crucial to your success and also critical in being able to stop non-essential activities that aren't supporting the delivery of that aim.

Myth #5: Objectives and Goals are only for your business

The Reality: Goals are for your whole life rather than just focusing on your business. In creating goals for all areas of your personal life will create purpose in your life along with drive other than on business related activities.

The bottom Line:

Money is important however it can't buy happiness, it just gives you choice and freedom.

Everyone makes a choice about how and when they work and the reality is that professional service business owners can have a successful business and a fulfilling personal life too with meaningful work life balance.

One of the best ways of creating that balance is to follow a formula or blueprint. You can get started right now by grabbing this complimentary special report from which will show you how you can easily get started on the path to creating your dream life.

Brought to you by Chris Hallett - empowering you to create your dream life that you want and deserve.

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