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Tips On Increasing Your Productivity

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by Bob Stallard

Productivity doesn't have to be finite. Everyone is capable of improvement. You just need a little help.

Did you ever get an email and put it to one side to deal with it later? Of course you did. Then when you got back to it you read it again.

This duplication is unnecessary. You could have not opened your emails until you had the time to deal with them.

I know the counter arguments here, I've used them myself. "I had to open them immediately, there may have been something important" or "it only takes a minute or two".

Well let's look at those two excuses. Nothing is that important. News that is vital comes by telephone. If it's in an email it can wait until it can have your full attention.

As for it only taking a minute or two, well that's true, but firstly it's another minute or two and secondly it's a minute or two that you already spent. How much duplication do you need in your life?

The problem is further exacerbated when there are several emails that you leave until later. Let's get serious here. The mail is coming in twenty-four hours a day. You are not going to check your inbox every five minutes. Get organised.

Select a time and the frequency, it doesn't matter too much, but you do have to be consistent. Let's say that you decide to allocate a period of 30 minutes twice a day. That is to read and deal with all outstanding items. Once you start you may have to steel yourself to leave your in box, after the second visit, until the next day.

Something that I never tire of telling my students is that when you stop a bad habit you must replace it instantly with a good one. Furthermore, you must be diligent and consistent with your new habit to ensure that the old one doesn't return.

Once you have installed a method or system for dealing with your emails you can increase your productivity by bringing in systems for other parts of your business and personal life.

You will have a variety of tasks to perform every day. Some will dictate when they have to occur and others may dictate how long they will take to achieve.

The most important activity that I have every day is income producing activity. If this is also true for you, then allocate the best time for it. Make it one period of time rather that separate periods of time. You may take short breaks, but make it feel like one period. Brook no interruptions during this time.

I work from home and I close my office door and leave instructions that I must not be disturbed unless there is blood. It works for me as I discovered some time ago that I can complete my work in half the time without interruptions.

Many of you that work from home may feel that you must work on until the tasks that you have set for yourself have been completed, even if this eats into your family life. Whilst I applaud resolve and determination my family is important to me and is the reason that I am doing this in the first place.

What I do is I stop at 4.00pm regardless and don't return to work until the following morning. However, if at 4.00pm I think that there is another hour of work to do, then I start an hour earlier the next day.

The family know that I will be there for them every day and hopefully recognise how important they are to me. Give it a try, you may feel, as I do, that prioritising for a quality life can be great.

Although I have been talking so far about becoming more productive by utilising your time more effectively we must not forget that you will need the right tools in any endeavour in order to succeed.

If you are an on line marketer you will need an auto responder, affiliate programme software an HTML editor etcetera.

An author will need good word processing software, but these are only tools. They don't do the work; you do by using these tools and the knowledge of how to use them effectively.

If you are still buying all those bits of software that claim make you rich then I have some bad news for you. There is no magic bullet. The Lone Ranger had the last one. What can make you rich is you, together with your resolve and a lot of what I call persistent consistency.

Have you ever been into Office Max, or some similar large store and seen the young couple with a trolley loaded with every imaginable piece of stationery?

I bet that they are getting ready to start working from home. I am also ready to bet that they don't need half of that stuff. They are going to spend months producing nothing. Oh they will be busy all right, but they will be busy getting ready to be busy.

Don't be like them. Start straight away and don't worry about lack of anything. You will soon find out what you need and where to find it. A little advertising phrase that I heard some time ago "Don't delay, start today" would seem to fit the bill.

I was searching for quite some time for something that would help me to get the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

You will know that I am keen to avoid distractions whilst I am engaged in income producing activity, but here is something else that I discovered and have been doing for some time that I have found very useful.

I have a kitchen timer, I recommend the non-ticking type, which I set for fifty minutes. Then I see just how much I can achieve in fifty minutes.

After which I take a twenty minute break, read a book or doing some non-work related activity. Then do another fifty minute work period followed by another twenty minute break.

The records that I have maintained show that my hourly work rate has almost doubled since taking short regular breaks. By experimenting with new ideas you too can increase your own productivity.

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