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What Exactly Is Goal Setting?

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by Tammy J. Gregory

For the last few years goal setting has been the hot topic.

Every guru out there will tell you that the first thing you need to do to be successful is set a goal. 

You are told if you JUST set a goal that will start you on your way to being successful.

So what does it mean to really set a goal?


I remember when I was young, I would tell my Mom "I want to be an actress" or "I want be President". She would just say to me not to set my goal too high because then when you don't hit your goal, you are going to be very disappointed.

I know that she was just trying to shelter me from pain but what it told me was that to not hit a goal was failure and no one wants to fail, right? So, I quit telling her what my goal was and I absolutely didn't tell her about the times I failed, that would be so embarrassing.

I was talking to someone the other day who told me that he quit setting goals because he was sick of failing. Have you quit setting goals because you have not accomplished what you wanted to and figure why try? Are you looking for help setting goals and actually hitting those goals?


I believe the reason people have a tough time setting a goal is because they really don't understand what a "goal" is.

What if instead of setting a goal you said this is my INTENTION? That resonates better, right? If you tell yourself - this is what I intend to happen - then if things don't work you just had the wrong intention and just need to redo your intent.

I just keep on thinking about Edison and the story about how it took him 100 times to actually create the light bulb. What would have happened if he stopped after the 50th time? His intention was clear and he was not giving up.

I just think a goal belongs in hockey or football and not in my thought process. A hockey team makes a goal and they just do them same thing over and over. When I have a clear intention and create that intention, it is time to create a new intention. Make sense?


So, now that your mind is clear, no more goal setting but now you want to set an intention what is the best way to do that?

The most important thing is to be specific. If you want to lose weight, specify the amount of weight you want to lose instead of just saying you want to lose weight. It should be something you need to reach for or you will get bored and lose your focus.

Always remember this is something you intend for yourself. For example, again if you are trying to lose weight, you are not doing it for someone else. You want to lose weight so you feel better and healthier, not to please other people. Remember, the past is the past.

If you start to slip up, resist the urge to give up just because you have failed in the past.

Our son is a fitness trainer at a gym. The most frustrating thing for him is when a client is working hard but does not see any physical changes fast enough. They start to think because they haven't been successful in the past, they will never be able to lose weight.

Just remember - you are always only a few degrees away from success at anytime. Just stay focused and stick with it and your intentions will always work out.

Right now we have an intention to create a very successful online business. Are you looking for a successful online business? For more on goal setting or to read more articles by Tammy Gregory see her profile.

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