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The Fork in the Road: Chasing Dreams or Chasing Money

Dream girl
Dream girl (Photo credit: @Doug88888)
by Justin F Chaser

On this beautiful day, Maggie McGee decides she wants to go for a stroll in the park.

As she enters the park, she turns her head to her right and notices an upcoming fork in the road.

Maggie being as curious as George, walked to her right, all the way up to five feet away from the beginning of the fork in the road.

To her slight right, the word "riches" is written on the floor. To her slight left, the word "your dreams" is written on the floor.

In her heart, she wants to walk towards her goals but she's nervous due to having to do go alone and the uncertainty along the road. If she turns right towards the riches, she'll have company and with hard work she knows she can get there.

Welcome to the point where many turn right because the road to their slight left appears to be dark and filled with unpredictability.

So there she is, it's just her and her dreams, and she walks right up to the fork in the road. Maggie's curiosity got the best of her, and she runs to her slight left towards her dreams.

Maggie has always decided with whatever makes her the happiest. She always listens to her heart. Her best comes out when she puts her heart into what she's does.

On the road to your dreams, Maggie will need her faith, her genuine drive (putting your heart into what she does) and high levels of persistence. It is NOT an easy road, however if Maggie were to take her heart and insert a dose of faith, a dose of genuine drive, and one dose of persistence, I guarantee that she will live out her dreams.

Maggie's heart will pick her up when she gets knocked down, her heart will also guide her through complicated decisions, and Maggie's heart will even guide her directly to where she needs to go. She is now ready for combat.

Along the road to Maggie's dreams, she will see relatives, friends, the hideous face of guilt, pessimists, society, fear of your sudden life change, and then you will finally arrive at your destination.

Friends and relatives crave Maggie's attention and by not being able to commit enough time for the people she loves, a terrible sense of guilt starts to take over. Pessimists and the rest of society will criticize her work and constantly testing her faith and belief in herself.

Along the entire road, there are confidence "land mines," they are unexpected and can really break you down. In addition, the environment is constantly changing, but eventually Maggie will evolve so much that she will gain a ruthless amount of confidence.

Even after Maggie overcomes all of the previously stated obstacles, the tallest barrier presents itself. Maggie will be unexpectedly struck with fear of finally getting to where she's been moving towards for a while.

But Maggie is stronger than she can even imagine. After a long fight, she conquers her own fear and arrives at her destination. She is now happy for the rest of her life. The journey was totally worth it.

We all have something in common. We are all like Maggie; we just haven't noticed it yet. We can all pour faith, drive, and persistence into our hearts and fuel it just enough for your entire journey!

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