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Successful Change Requires That You Defend Yourself From Outside Temptations

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by Stanley F Bronstein

To Unfailingly Defend, Defend Where There Is No Attack (Sun Tzu)

In order to increase the probability that your defenses will hold, you need to learn to defend in areas where there is little or no attack.

In other words, if you want to successfully incorporate permanent and lasting change into your life, you need to take your stand on ground that cannot be lost.

What do I mean by that?

The best way to illustrate my point is with an example.

When I decided I was going to lose weight, it required me to make some big changes in my life.

I started exercising at least 5 days per week. Is started eating better. I stopped eating late at night. I stopped drinking sodas. I made lots of changes.

As I made these changes, I was quite literally, "taking a stand". I was telling myself and others around me that this is who I now am.

I was a person who did NOT exercise. I was a person who ate too much. I was a person who ate the wrong foods. I was a person who ate late at night. I was a person who drank way too many sodas. But no more!!!

I changed my position. I took "new" ground.

And, best of all, this new position was a defensible one. After all, who could object if I started exercising? I certainly couldn't. Who could object if started eating better and started eating less? I certainly couldn't. Who could object if I stopped drinking sodas? I certainly couldn't.

In fact, the only ones who might be able to object to these changes were the food companies and the soda companies who stopped making money off me!

By carefully choosing the types of changes I was going to make, I was taking a defensible position from which I could NOT lose.

You Need To Do The Same

When evaluating your opponents, when evaluating the obstacles you face, focus on where they are attacking and where they are not attacking.

As before, when I use the word opposition I purposely did not use the word competition. Opposition is someone or something that is against your interests.

For example, if you want to lose weight, one of your obstacles is all of the commercials on TV for fattening food. Every time you turn on the TV, you are quite literally, being attacked by these commercials. You can fight these commercials head on, or you can simply choose to walk away from them and ignore them.

If you ignore them, you are taking a stand on ground that cannot be lost. You don't have to worry about a full front assault from these commercials. After all, you've walked away from them.

This same concept can apply to just about anything if you think about it. Rather than spending all our energy complaining about an obstacle we face, we can just simply walk away from it and use our energy elsewhere. That's taking a stand on ground that cannot be lost!

Ask Yourself

Where are your opponents attacking and where are your opponents not attacking?
1. __________________________________________
2. __________________________________________
3. __________________________________________
4. __________________________________________
5. __________________________________________

I can promise you'll be more successful in your defenses (and probably your offenses) if you attack in areas where your opponents do not attack. Until next time, may you find your path by walking it ... Stanley Bronstein.

Stanley Bronstein is the author of 7 books, 6 of which are in the area of personal development. His latest project, was the creation of the intensive course SuperChangeYourLife

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