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Rewrite Your Story

Cover of "Permission To Succeed"
Permission To Succeed
by Mark Tewart

A friend of mine has a saying: "The only thing keeping you from your goals is the bullcrap story you keep telling yourself." As hard as those words are, I find them to be very true.

My question for you is, what is the bullcrap story you are telling yourself about you and your business? It's time to rewrite your story.

Everyone has built-in limitations in their brain. Everyone is conditioned through the teachings and messages we receive from parents, teachers, preachers, family, co-workers, bosses, the news and society in general.

Your brain is bombarded daily with messages, and the majority of those messages are wrapped in negativity or limitations.

Not every message you see or hear is negative or bad, or the people delivering them are not always badly intentioned, but nonetheless they can wire your brain in a way that will limit your success, happiness and your overall life.

You must first be aware of this and accept this. It's a fact, and denying it only will make you a victim with a victim mentality. You are responsible - period and end of story. It is solely up to you.

Even if you believe there are many factors that influence your success outside of your control, if you allow that thought, you will allow a million of those thoughts and you will create an internal story built upon excuses, limitations and lack.

Take a moment and think about your internal story. Think about what you tell yourself as a reason as to why you are not where you want to be, or why you cannot even try. Think about every excuse or limitation you have allowed in, or even heaped upon yourself.

Be brutally honest and write them down. Think back to your childhood and look for patterns of where you started to make these recurring excuses and how your story started and then evolved.

Next, ask yourself this simple question: "What if this is not true?" Begin to write down all the reasons why this is not true. Write down what the opposite of the story, excuse or limitation would be.

Write down your new story as if those limitations and excuses were magically gone. Write your story as you want it to be and not what others believe it to be. Just let your "bullcrap" story go.

There are many reasons why you accept and then allow these stories to stay. You might be afraid of failure, so you have an excuse not to try or give it your all. You might be afraid of success, because you will now have to admit that you are capable and can give the necessary effort.

You are afraid to succeed because, deep down, you don't feel worthy. Deep down you just don't think you are smart enough, talented enough or special enough. It's okay to give yourself permission to succeed. It's okay to allow yourself to succeed.

Stop fighting your success. You are capable of doing, having and being so much more, but you have to stop playing your current story over and over and living your day based upon that bullcrap story.

Stop it. You can easily fool others, but deep down you are really not fooling yourself. You are simply allowing the story to be true.

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