Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Recharge Your Creativity

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by Tim Van De Vall

In this article I will show you a way to recharge your creativity when you're not feeling inspired.

Creativity ebbs and flows. This is fine if you only need to be creative at times, but if being creative is part of your job, it can be a problem.

Wake Up Your Creative Brain

Before you sit down to work on any piece of art or writing, make sure your brain is awake and excited. Do this every time.

If you're not inspired, if you're not feeling alive and your mental gears aren't turning, you're going to produce unsatisfactory results, which is unfair to your audience, and it's unfair to you.

There's nothing worse than trying to force creative production. In fact, it can be destructive for your artwork, because you'll be sloppy, lazy, and unfocused.

In the past, I used to feel a sense of obligation to work, and force myself to get something done even when my heart wasn't in it. I've since learned that this is simply the wrong approach.

Here's a better solution: wake up your brain before you sit down to work.

Get Moving

Here's my morning routine. I get up, shower, dress, and eat breakfast. Then I take my dog for at least a thirty to forty minute walk. During this walk, I listen to a podcast or audiobook. When I get home I make coffee and get started. And I am awake and alive.

For me, it's the physical exercise combined with the motivating podcasts that really get me moving. Exercise alone is boring, but if I listen to a podcast about online marketing or an audiobook about entrepreneurship during the walk, I'm mentally and physically engaged.

Furthermore, if the podcast is interesting, by the time the walk is over I've learned all sorts of new ideas that I want to try.

And so I feel ready. I feel charged. And I can produce work I am truly proud of.

... And Keep Moving

One final thing, and this is related to an earlier post I wrote about persistence. Physical exercise only benefits your creative output if done regularly, as in, every day. Make it a routine and find a form of physical activity you enjoy, or at least, are able to maintain.

I'm certainly no Arnold Schwarzenegger, and yet I've managed to find a way to get some physical activity in every day with almost no exception.

I hope this information was valuable to you and will help you on your own creative journey. For more articles about creativity, art, illustrating and comics, please visit my site, Creating Comics.

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