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Midlife Crisis? Reinvent Yourself!

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Sally Edwards is a Corporate Stand Up Comedian and Motivational Humorist who specializes in clean humor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by Sally Edwards

The words "midlife crisis" immediately brings negative images to mind.

After all, the word "crisis" alone does not suggest positive feelings of confidence and personal growth.

Rather, one imagines a time of somber reflection of being "over the hill."

Worse yet is the rather comical image of a grey haired man driving a red sports car with the top down, his wedding ring is replaced by a pinky ring.

Now picture an ideal midlife. I see self-confident adults who dare to reinvent themselves. These imagined adults are having fun and discovering new pathways of adventure.

There are so many options for living in this world. Why do so many human beings label themselves as only one thing? The obvious answers are need, money and opportunity.

Once a person is established in a successful career, it is not a popular and/or intelligent choice to simply walk away from it all. A successful career is great for the ego, the stability and of course, the family. However, what happens when retirement is on the horizon? Does it have to signal gloom and doom?

A counselor once told me, "It's not what happens to you in life. It is how you interpret it." This is one of the most invigorating statements I have heard. An individual has the personal power to turn everything good. All that is needed is a positive attitude! I approach midlife crisis in the same positive manner.

Midlife crisis can be viewed as a midlife "dream." Take that extra energy and put it into projects or plans for the future. I had my own midlife crisis when I realized I was overwhelmed in the world of standup comedy from having to perform up to ten shows a week.

With my husband's encouragement, I became a keynote humorous speaker. Now I am able to perform one show per week that is as profitable as an entire week of standup comedy in a club. As a keynote humorist I am asked to appear at luncheons and banquets.

This is much more conducive to my early to bed, early to rise schedule and it presents the challenge of performing entirely solo. I am on the other side of my midlife crisis discovering a new type of audience and new performing platforms.

If you're approaching any type of "crisis" you may wish to redefine it. Referring to a midlife "crisis" as a midlife "discovery" may give you an extra edge in enjoying various life stages. Interpreting life in a positive manner will open exciting paths of self-discovery.

Sally Edwards is a professional Corporate Comedian who tours nationally. Sally Edwards' clean comedy has been featured on A&E's "Comedy on the Road" and Showtime's "Comedy Club Network."

Sally Edwards is the president of The Humorous Speakers Bureau in Chicago. For booking information see:

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