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How Can You Get More Done? How to Use the 2 Sides of Action and Break the Grip of Procrastination!

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by Joseph Casey

We can't complete our projects all at once, it takes time.

And it's human nature that if you start to feel overloaded, your desire to act will begin to disappear.

The answer? Focus on what you will do in 15 minute blasts of action.

You'll find it much easier to get more done and stop procrastinating when you focus on doing your project in 15 minute blasts!

The key to getting the most out of your 15 minute blasts are the strategic 10 minute breaks.

When 15 minutes of project action has passed get in touch with your level of motivation.

If your motivation is draining, even just a little bit, do something to distract yourself from the project for about 10 minutes.

If your project is something you sit while doing, something more mental, working at the computer or studying, get up and move around. Take a short walk, step outside for a few minutes, play with the kids.

If your project is something you do while standing, something more physical, go sit down and do something mental. Read a book you enjoy, do a puzzle, do something as different from your project as possible.

After about 10 minutes of break time go back to your project for another 15 minutes. Again, after a 15 minute blast of action take a moment and get a sense of your desire to continue with the project.

If your desire to continue is still there, then keep going. Don't take another break just to take a break. If your desire to continue on with your project is still substantial then go with it! But if you feel like you want to take another 10 minute break, by all means do it.

This is actually a very productive way to work, especially if your project is mental.

You see, while you're taking your break you might be away from your project but your brain is still there working on it. Working on ideas, working to find resolutions to any problems or issues.

So when you come back to your project you will likely find things running smoother than when you left for your break.

To make this 15 minute blast, 10 minute break work for you get some kind of timer. There are a number of timer app's for your phone that will be just what you need.

Try the 15 minute blast, 10 minute break, the "two sides of action" and see if your project doesn't find itself magically completed. And you find yourself feeling better than you've felt in a long time about beating procrastination and getting things done!

The more you fill your mind with the seeds of what you want to make happen in your life, the more you'll automatically move in that direction.

Come fill your mind with "getting more done in your life". Be more productive and stop feeling lazy. Become dynamic in your actions with

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