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Fear Doesn't Have To Be Frightening!

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by David W Thompson

There are as many fears as there are people in the world. Fear of flying, fear of cats, fear of dogs. There's even a fear of Styrofoam!

Fear is an emotion which discourages, hinders or stops us from living victorious lives!

That is it's only purpose. All fears wear masks. Fear doesn't want us to see its true face. If we did then it would cease to exist.

Please do not confuse fear with common sense. Common sense is attained through learning. Each day we learn through trial and error.

Common sense acts like a trigger on a gun to protect us from harm.

What I am speaking of is fear of the unknown. It's a small inner voice that whispers, "what if you fail? What if you don't succeed? What if your families expectations aren't met? What if he or she isn't the right one after all?" What if? You get the picture.

Our biggest fear is failure. It's linked to embarrassment, incompetence, feelings of inferiority and inadequacy.

The opposite of fear is confidence, a feeling of accomplishment and the realization that you are enough. Fear loves to hide in our subconscious.

Left to its own devices, it can build an impregnable force in our lives. Like a professional thief it steals our hopes and dreams. Fear robs us of our health, possible relationships and new experiences.

All because we fail to answer the simple question, what if? The remedy is simple. Answer the question! For example. New business ideas fail everyday, but in order to succeed we must fail!

Failure is just a test of our ability to get back up again! It's the stepping stone to all learning! Below is an example of one man's desire to succeed:

>Failed in business at age 31.
>Defeated in Legislative race at age 32.
>Failed again in business at age 34.
>Overcame death of sweetheart at age 35.
>Had a nervous breakdown at age 36.
>Lost an election at age 38.
>Lost Congressional race at ages 43, 46 and 48.
>Lost Senatorial race at age 55.
>Failed to become Vice President at age 56.
>Lost Senatorial race at age 58.
>Elected President of the United States at age 60.

This man was Abraham Lincoln. This is proof that the fear of failure is simply learning!

He realized that trying anything produces a result or outcome, not a failure.

What happened when you first road a bicycle? Did you fall? I did many times! Did you say to yourself, that is the last time I'm riding a bicycle? Of course you didn't.

Like protein is the building block of muscle, so failure is the main ingredient to any new task we undertake. It's a requirement for success!

Expect failure to visit your marriage, business, playing a new instrument or anything that requires a heart investment. Don't set out to fail. Rather ask questions, seek advice and answer the what if's of your life! Your success is closer than you think!

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