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Bringing Passion Back

Pondering the meaning of life, for sure.
Pondering the meaning of life (Wikipedia)
by Kelly J Bawden

Think about a time in your life when waking up in the morning was exciting, wondering what the day would bring and being full of nervous energy with all of the possibilities.

What was the excitement about at that time? Maybe it was a new job, or education into a whole new way of life.

Maybe it was a new relationship, or finding out you were going to be a parent. Maybe it was a time that everything felt new and challenging.

Looking back on this time brings great memories and feelings of accomplishment.

Maybe looking back on this time feels like a lifetime ago because of everything that has happened since.

Life ebbs and flows. There are times when the challenges of life bring excitement and other times when challenges bring despair. The despair comes when these challenges become overwhelming and discouraging.

They turn from being a challenge into a problem that grows and with the growth of the problem comes the growth of resentments and regrets. Resentment and regret will squash passion. That feeling of excitement becomes feelings of resent, guilt, hurt, frustration, stress, and regret.

Getting back the passion may seem impossible because there is too much water under the bridge but it is possible. Taking these steps can bring passion back to your life and get you out of the doldrums.

First, make a list of the problems that are weighing you down. Then decide which ones you can start to resolve. Make a task list of how you will do this.

It may look like this: talk to employee about attitude and come up with a plan that will help them with their attitude; call my accountant and finish up taxes that have been extended twice; call client that continues to complain about their services, ask how they would like to see resolution, and if it is reasonable do it and then let it go.

Sometimes with problems we try to be right and so we fight the solutions because it is not the way we want it to happen.

Learning to pick your battles and allowing resolution to these problems will help you get back to focusing on what you love to do, in other words what you are passionate about.

Continue making a weekly list of things you can take action on and work on the solutions. This will lighten the load and bring energy back to your life.

Next, get back to your hobby. What do you enjoy doing that you no longer find the time to do? When life gets busy and our life is filled with career and family we forget to take out some time for ourselves to rejuvenate and renew.

Renewal is an important because it increases energy and keeps us open to life and the possibilities that life offers. If you love to golf or love photography but have put the activity on the back burner it is time to get it out.

Begin by taking one hour out of your week to go enjoy your hobby. If you don't have a hobby it is time to start trying new things to bring the fun back to life.

Maybe you would love to learn to cook so taking a cooking class would be a way to start, maybe you love to bird watch so getting a book about birds that live in your region and going to places where you can view them, or maybe you love tennis but haven't played in a while go to your city recreational department and find out times they have for classes or tournaments.

Taking this step you will have something to look forward to which will bring passion back.

Last but not least, be nice to yourself. When life is full of problems that weigh us down and we are not doing anything to rejuvenate; life can become grey and heavy. When life feels grey our negative self-talk can run amuck.

Learn to interrupt this thinking and replace the thought with some type of action. It may sound like this; "I am so tired and I just want to sleep, what is the point I will just mess it up anyway."

Distraction - "get the clothes from the dryer, go outside and get the paper, come in and get dressed, and get out the door. Once you are in motion your thoughts will calm down and your brain will focus on the task at hand.

Whenever the negative thoughts re-appear get up and do something. As a friend once told me, "do anything but nothing."

Getting into the solution instead of focusing on the problem, getting back to a hobby or finding a new one, and being kind to yourself will rejuvenate your energy and you will see an increase of passion back into your life.

Life is a journey full of experiences. These experiences become opportunity to learn that which our soul already knows. Embrace the experiences, learn from them, and then let them go.

I love this saying and put it on my son's memorial because it is how he lived: "The purpose of life is not to arrive at the gravestone in a picture perfect package; the purpose is to arrive with sweat and tears, bumps and bruises, laughing as you slide into the grave stone saying Wow, what a ride!" - Author unknown.

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