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See How Easily You Can Learn To Control Your Emotions

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by Dr Jitesh Arora

It is always easy to make decisions based on what we feel, think and want.

In other words it`s easy to follow our emotions.

But one should be very careful because being led by emotions can be dangerous sometimes.

1. Don`t Be Afraid of Your Emotions

The first step to controlling your emotions and feelings is to face them without fear. We don`t need to be controlled by our emotions because they are one of the parts of our feedback mechanism. Once we can understand this principle, we can have a better control over feeling and emotions.

2. Know Your Emotions

The second step towards emotional freedom is knowing your emotions and feelings. People who are afraid of their emotions often feel anxious when a negative emotion arises. Instead of ignoring such sensations, one should try to examine the situations that can trigger such responses in his body. Always remember that recognition of a problem is a first step towards the solution.

3. Breathe, Breathe and Breathe

This sounds very basic but it is super important to breathe properly in tense situations. The physiological response of our body is to hold the breath in the midst of difficult situations, that is why negative emotions increase the level of our stress. We need a good supply of oxygen when the situations are stressful. So next time whenever you feel your emotions rising, hold on for a minute and take a deep breath.

4. Change Your Position

It is a smart idea to change your position whenever you are overwhelmed. Change in position can change your emotions too. If you feel frustrated or angry in a specific situation then it is a smart idea to leave the room politely for a minute or two. You will get some time for thinking and breathing. When you will return, you will see the situation from a completely different angle.

5. Stay in Good Shape

Negative emotions most often attack when we are in a bad shape. It`s not advisable to take important decisions when you are tired or unhealthy. Emotions often attack when a person is most vulnerable. So it is a good idea to take care of our basic needs that are food, water, exercise and sleep. A person is more calm and collected when he is eating healthy, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly.

I would like to motivate you to choose one of the tips mentioned in this article and take action today. Do You want to stay in control of your Emotions, No matter How bad the Situations seems to be?
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