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Achieve Your Goals - Have You Overestimated Your Abilities?

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by Andrew D Pope

Resources are an important aspect of goal setting. Taking a full and honest inventory of your resources at the start is one of the key factors that will determine your success or failure.

It would be difficult to complete a large project like building a house yourself without checking you had resources available first so why would you leap into a goal without the same level of planning.

Many people, however, do just leap in and then wonder why they struggle or even fail to achieve their goals. The three main classes of resource are tangible, intangible and emotional. This particular article looks at the intangible resource of personal ability.

Continuing with the house building analogy, you may be full of enthusiasm and commitment and have money to spend on tools, materials and land but if you don't have the ability to actually build a house you will struggle to do it yourself.

You will either have to knuckle down and learn the missing skills, which may take time and ultimately dampen or even derail your enthusiasm for the project, or rely on many other people, which means that the original goal of building a house by yourself is now out of your control.

Big and audacious goals are to be encouraged but take care to be realistic and honest about your abilities. Finding out that you really don't know how to do something important, when you are fully committed and deep into a goal, can be very disheartening.

Not knowing how to do something is not a huge problem as most skills can be learnt if you have an aptitude. Not admitting to yourself that you don't know something can be a real problem. I recommend you make getting any abilities you require into early sub-goals of your larger goal.

You will then start to build huge levels of confidence as you progress with your sub-goals and your large goal can be adapted and adjusted as new skills or skill gaps are identified. You may find the big goal was never realistic but in the process you will have saved other resources and maybe acquired some very valuable new ones along the way.

I wish you well in all your endeavours.

I'm Andy Pope and I am committed to helping individuals and organisations develop more effective face to face communication skills and personal development. I hope you enjoyed this article.
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