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Did You Make These 3 Mistakes When Setting Your Goals?

Goal SettingGoal Setting (Photo credit: angietorres)By Alicia Chadwick

Are you the type of person who gets all enthusiastic and determines that you will start a new project tomorrow? You might continue for a few days or even weeks and one day you realise that the goal you were all eager to achieve has just dropped by the wayside and you have effectively forgotten it.

Of course you have not really forgotten that goal. Something else got in the way. Well you may be happy to find out that you are not alone. A lot of people who set goals do not achieve them. The first step to turning this around is to at least recognise some of what you may be doing wrong.

The first mistake may be that your goal is too vague

Perhaps your aim is to be thin, or be wealthy, or get a new job, or be CEO of your company, or learn a new language, or get your home organised. While you may know what you mean by these targets, it is not immediately clear what the next step may be or how many steps may be involved or what length of time it will take.

Unless you have taken the time to plan how you will get from point A to point B, you will have little chance to achieve your goal. Are you still the mail delivery boy in your organisation wanting to be the CEO? What steps do you need to undertake and how long will it take you? Well you will almost certainly need to learn new skills - what skills do you need and how will you gain that experience?

Because this is a large ambition, you need to break the goal up and make a series of small steps that will eventually lead you to the final outcome over a number of years. Now you are starting to get a plan to really work on.

The second mistake may be that you are not motivated enough to reach your goal

This may seem a silly reason but stay with me for a bit. Let us say that you want to be wealthy. The issue though is how much do you want to be wealthy?

How much effort are you prepared to put in to achieve your goal of being wealthy? Unless you find a huge nugget of gold, win the lotto or invent something like Post-It Notes, most of us will struggle to achieve wealth without a significant amount of effort. In addition, it is often not an overnight process and will take some years. So how motivated are you really?

The third mistake may be having no date for completion

If you have no date to complete your goal by, then you have all the time in the world to finish it. As a consequence, there is no pressure to get things done.

Take for instance the goal of losing weight. You need to lose 50 kilograms and you have no time limit on it. For arguments sake, you estimate that you will lose half a kilogram per week. When you calculate the length of time, you find that it will take you 100 weeks or nearly two years!

Before you made this calculation you may have thought that you just needed to revise your eating habits and perhaps do some exercise. Now you know that you will have to track how you progress otherwise it may take you a lot longer than two years to lose the target weight. Even better, you may determine to lose one kilogram a week and lose the weight a lot sooner.

The more information you have on your goal and the more you plan out the steps required, the more likely you are to succeed in your endeavours.

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Alicia Chadwick is an Internet Marketer, Life Coach and Human Resource Consultant whose passions include helping people, animals, mental health and health (including weight loss and exercise).

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