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It's True - A Coach Or Mentor Can Help Accelerate Your Learning

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Next time you are talking to someone with many years of experience in a given vocation, ask them to think back to the early days of their learning, ask the question; "If they were to start over again in their particular field, what thing would they now most value?" Detailed coaching and mentoring would be one of the desires they would probably request for a beginner.

The role of an expert coach is to show and explain the finer details, learning from someone who has traveled the road before can be the most enlightening educational experience you can have, especially if you know very little about the hobby or craft that you want to study.

The thing that many people don't realize is that when working with a coach, there are methods and techniques that you learn about which in turn will propel you along the pathway to success at a much more rapid rate than if you were just left to go figure things out your self.

Now, I can hear you quietly thinking. But won't a coach cost me an arm and a leg? Well yes, it will cost some money; very few coaches will work for nothing, would you?

But imagine if you were to only hire your coach for a fixed term, say over a few weeks, or even a few months, the expert knowledge that would be imparted by your coach within that short time frame would be worth much more to you than if you were left to plod along on your own trying to figure out how a particular system or method works.

As they say, two heads are better than one, and when you talk with your coach, you have the chance to literally pick his brains each week to get the extra information you need to succeed. Your coach will also encourage you to expand your resources, and to think outside of the square, and come up with workable solutions in an effort to keep you moving ever forward, and ever closer to your success goals.

While a life coach may concentrate on your motivational pursuits, your hobby craft coach will be keeping an eye on your progress to make sure that you are learning the best collection of required skills you will need to be a successful hobby worker.

Lets face it, there are always problems to over come, no matter what kind of hobby you are involved in, sometimes the effort required to solve a problem on your own can seem almost impossible, but if you discuss the problem with your coach, he is sure to have suggestions, workarounds, and other ideas to help you solve the problem at hand.

So is a coach worth the money?

Ninety nine percent of the time the answer would have to be a resounding yes, and the reason why is that your guru coach has been there and done that, so he has ready made solutions and answers which will effectively save many hours of valuable time, saving you quite a lot of money, which will most likely cancel out the monthly fee your coach charges.

The time savings and your rapid advancement, will cancel out the cost of your coach, and if the chosen course only extends over three to five months, the money paid will be an excellent investment, and at the end of the course you'll look back and be very glad that you decided to purchase a course, which also includes the hire of a coach at a fixed price.

Why not create your own win win situation.

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