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You're Never Down and Out! 10 Resources to Get on Top of Life

Without moneyImage by Toban Black via FlickrBy Brendan Moloney

It is getting harder and harder to get a break. Everywhere you look it seems that more and more people are struggling. Job security is going by the wayside, housing and safety are more precarious for many as well.

Now is the time to start thinking about different ways of doing things, as well as reflecting on the great freedoms you have to make your own life. Lots of people forget that creativity and innovation does not depend on the permission of other people. Life really is up yo you!

When I was in my 20's, I had no money, few friends, and was living in a very ordinary rental apartment. It was more like a shoe box than a rental apartment. Despite these trying circumstances, I made a plan that I would succeed in life and become wealthier.

One of the biggest realizations in life came from the dictionary. One evening I was lying on my bed flicking through the dictionary looking up the meanings of words. The result was that I came to learn a meaning of poverty and that is having very little, few things and most of all something lacking in desirable qualities. This pretty much described me: few desirable qualities and a scarcity mindset. In contrast I learnt that being wealthy is quite the opposite: it means having many things, not just money, but resources.

Consider Your Resources

It's a cliche that many people have when the say they have no money. Most people have access to money, but money has become a drug for them. To build your power and determination in achieving your goals, it is extremely important to take an inventory of your resources.

Here is a list of resources that you have access to:

- time
- people
- money
- your ideas
- creativity
- libraries and great books of the world
- healthy foods
- the whole of the internet
- different places to live and to move to
- freedom to communicate
- your skills
- your appearance
- your knowledge
- your beliefs
- your past, present and future
- your spirituality and faith
- your life

Many people take their freedom for granted. Many people in other parts of the world do not have the same freedoms or accesses to resources. Your personal power and effectiveness comes largely from your ability to recognize these resources and build a great life out of this.

Dr. Brendan is an author, speaker, and lecturer with Darlo Life. http://www.darlolife.com Darlo Life provides life coaching, personal development and life skills to high achievers. For further details, contact Darlo Life http://www.darlolife.com.

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