Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Your Success Vocabulary Needs Work

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Is your vocabulary limiting/preventing your success? Yes it is! You need to change your vocabulary into your success vocabulary.

First you must eliminate TRY from your vocabulary. Try is a dirty word that should be considered a vulgar swear word. It will kill every good intention you have to achieve success.

Removing try from your success vocabulary is a very hard task. It will require a lot of conscious thought on your part. Recognizing when you are using the word try so you can work on reforming a sentence before you use it is a start.

Focus on your word choices and you will see how often you use the word try in your vocabulary and this will show you how much more your potential for success is. With each removal of the word try you increase your success quotient and the increase is exponential.

How important is removing try from your success vocabulary? Every time you deploy the word try in a sentence, the topic of the sentence is destined to fail. You now have an excuse to not succeed. Ever heard this, "I tried to get there on time", I'll bet you have used it yourself. When you use try you don't give 100% of your effort to the task. Trying is just that, a partial effort.

If the sentence is "I will be there on time" or "I will be there early"; your entire mindset will shift to 100% effort to accomplish the task. The excuses of traffic, running behind, etc are all born of the word TRY. If you will be there then you leave early, don't chance traffic and get it done.

Action = Success. Allow action to monopolize your time and excuses are left powerless. There is only DO, no TRY! Start building your success vocabulary today with the first action being the removal of TRY from your effort.

You will find that without the word try in your vocabulary you will finish more projects, accomplish more tasks, manage your time better and simply have more success. With the enhanced selection of words you will attract more people to you that believe in what you have to say.

It's natural to follow someone making it happen rather than someone who tries to make it happen. Become the leader taking action and leave the trying (struggling) business person behind! Your action (DOING) equals your success.

Time to put your new success vocabulary to work. Let's take that 100% effort and turn your success on to the right track. I want to help you further your success.

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To YOUR unlimited success,
Jamie Cinq-Mars

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