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Why Do People Procrastinate? - The Secret Revealed

Cover of "Taking Action"Cover of Taking ActionBy Nicola Hilton

Why do people procrastinate? It's tempting to write about it later but that's procrastinating! There are 8 reasons why people put things off, often putting their lives on hold as a result. However, first understand that it's not all bad. There is both positive and negative procrastination.

Positive Procrastination

This is the good stuff. It's time spent exploring, pondering, gathering thoughts to gain clarity before taking action or making a decision. It relates to all areas of life; family, study, work and business decisions, and buying decisions, especially major purchases like a car or house. Positive procrastination is totally necessary to avoid potential disaster.

Negative Procrastination

This is the bad stuff. It's the time spent avoiding taking action or making decisions. It is generally characterised by some form of sabotaging behaviour that stops you achieving tasks or goals. Your may start many things but never get around to finishing or you may not even start at all. Negative procrastination leads to potential disaster.

To understand why you procrastinate, look within and get to know yourself and recognise your patterns for clues to why you put things off. Reflect on your own behaviours to see which of these 8 reasons apply to you.

8 Reasons Why People Procrastinate

FEAR - Fear of failure and fear of success. Sounds weird but people often fear the responsibility that comes with success more than they fear failure.

LACK OF SELF BELIEF - This is a really big one. It often manifests from deeply ingrained limiting beliefs, negative self talk and self doubt.

LACK OF FOCUS - With no clear plan or routine to follow, it's easy to become distracted with trivial 'busy activities' therefore achieving very little.

POOR WORK HABITS - Many procrastinators are poor organisers and have difficulty prioritizing tasks and managing time.

OVERWHELM - Too many choices, not knowing how or where to start or what to do first, information overload prevents procrastinators from accomplishing anything.

YOUR WHY ISN'T BIG ENOUGH - If your WHY isn't important enough, you'll lack the drive necessary to achieve. Most likely you don't have clarity of purpose in your life so you give up.

PERFECTIONIST - Perfectionists put off completing tasks until they can get it perfect. Since nothing is ever perfect they never get to the finish line.

NO ACCOUNTABILITY OR SUPPORT - When there is no accountability imposed by deadlines or a boss, for example, procrastinators lose momentum and fizzle out. Equally, if there is not support they revert to typical self sabotaging behaviours that prevent finishing tasks.

So there you have it. Once you understand why you procrastinate the next step is to find ways to deal with your procrastination and overcome it. Spend some time positively procrastinating to identify your why then take measures to fix it. If you need help there are some excellent programs and books available specifically designed to beat procrastination once and for all. DO IT! Make a commitment to end procrastination once and for all.

The author has a strong belief that taking personal responsibility for self change is vital for leading a full and productive life.

Do it. End Procrastination once and for all.

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