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What Causes Fear and Lack of Confidence?

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Fear is our biggest illness, confidence is the best cure. But what causes fear? Well that depends on which kind of fear you're talking about. In the hundreds of thousands of years of man's prehistory fear is what kept us alive. It was our fight or flight mechanism, in fact it still is.

Through so many millennia of man's evolution our fear mechanism gave us the advantage of survival. It kept us from being attacked and eaten by some of the very animals we were hunting to eat. But the human race has come a long way since then. And although this fear mechanism still exists and is quite healthy in each of us, it is no longer an advantage to our modern survival.

Our modern world is so far removed from the environment in which our fear mechanism developed that what causes fear today is really isn't harmful, in a physical sense.

In "Virus of the Mind" by Richard Brodie there are some excellent examples of the primitive fight or flight mechanism screwing with our lives. Some really good examples of the various modern offshoots of fear, when we feel them and why. What causes fear in our modern world isn't being eaten by a bear on our way to work, our concern is being eaten by the bear (the boss) when we get to work.

Lack of Confidence

There are a 1000 little cuts that come our way every day through anxiety, trepidation, concern, nervousness, worry, tension, panic, embarrassment, apprehension, uncertainty, doubt and more. These are all a lack of confidence. The bad news is that we all suffer from one and all of these causes of fear.

The good news is that the vast majority of what causes fear is only in our head. We worry and worry even get mad and upset over a negative event that we think is going to happen to us, but it virtually never does. Our lack of confidence in ourselves and the situation us what causes fear, We do this to ourselves every day, often multiple times a day, and we never seem to learn. We never learn that these causes of fear are often created only in our imagination. Yet the effect that fear has on our lives is real.

David Schwartz states in his book "the magic of thinking big" that: "fear explains why millions of people accomplish little and enjoy little."

I think it's funny that, as adaptive human beings, we can learn to successfully function in, or perform, a new task through trial and error fairly easily. And yet what causes fear is our uncertainty, our lack of confidence in performing the task for the first time. But after having performed the task numerous times our lack of confidence and fear is replaced with knowledge and experience.

We work through our fear. What causes fear is the unknown. When we simply make the decision to act we are exposing our imagined fear to the light of reality and our abilities to successfully meet its challenge. Our lack of confidence comes from constantly giving in to our fears and not acting.

FEAR AND CONFIDENCE on the Road of Life

Have you ever driven down a strange road in the middle of the night with your headlights only showing the next couple hundred feet? Where was your lack of confidence then? What causes fear in this situation? The dark? The unknown? I believe that your knowledge and experience in driving your car would allow you to drive for miles and miles on this strange road with confidence. You know you can drive the next 200 feet that the headlights show so there is no reason for fear. Just the next 200 feet at a time.

Our big dreams and ambitions may be miles away with no obvious way to get there from here. But by taking small, easy steps, one at a time and taking actions for which you already have knowledge and experience you will soon find yourself miles from where you were and much closer to where you're going, with confidence.

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