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Setting and Achieving Your Goals in the New Year!

Goal SettingImage by lululemon athletica via FlickrBy Rick A Conlow

Do you want to make more money this year? Do you want to make more money to better help your family? Then, act on these goal setting action steps today. These steps will help your sell more, serve your customers better and, you will help your company reach and exceed its goals. More importantly, you will take giant steps towards the things you want in life.

Most managers already set quotas for their department. Quotas relate to the company budget. Companies need to do this for business planning purposes. However, you have to do it for yourself, too. The best performers in any industry are meticulous about how much money they want to make, what they will do with the money, and where they are in at any moment in respect to those things.

Goal setting helps you become a meaningful specific and not a wandering generality. Your personal goals give you the motivation to act everyday to achieve what you want and to do it with a sense of urgency. Here's how to do it.

Be hopeful for your future!

It's been declared, "That the greatest discovery of our generation is that people can alter the outer aspects of their lives by changing the inner attitudes of their minds." This isn't a motivational speech here. It is a reminder that you have tremendous potential. Success and an optimistic outlook on life is a choice.

Too many people look at their life and are negative and see only the things that are wrong. Each New Year, each new day and each new month is an opportunity to start again and create the future you want. It starts by believing that you can and visualizing the things you want in life-the light at the end of the tunnel.

Determine what you want!

Famous speaker Earl Nightingale once said, "The problem isn't in people achieving goals; they will do that. The problem is getting them to set goals in the first place." Goal setting begins with hope and builds momentum when you determine what you want out of life. Think in the short-term and long-term. Dream a little, make a list and brainstorm all the things you might want in life, places to go and people you might want to meet.

Prioritize and write you goals down!

Next you need to focus on the most important wants in two goal areas: Personal and Business. A goal needs to be specific. For example, just saying you want to make more money isn't helpful. A penny is more money. "I want to make an extra $10,000 this year." This is specific and to the point. How many goals should you set? That's really up to you.

World renown explorer John Goddard set 120 goals when he was 10 years old and when he was in his 70"s he had accomplished over one hundred. To begin, 3-5 goals in each goal area will be plenty. Write the goals on paper and keep it with you to review regularly. Finally, make and act on a plan!

Superstar salesperson Lee Klampe said, "A goal without an action plan is only a joke." In other words, what are definitive steps you can take to achieve your goals? It may mean saving $200 a month for that family vacation for a personal goal. Or, it may mean talking to ten new customers a day for a business sales goal.

Next, get into action day by day and review your results and plans at least monthly. Wow! This is a sure fire-plan guaranteed to help you reach and exceed new heights in business and your personal life. Napoleon Hill wrote, "Service, sacrifice and self-control are three words which must be well understood by the person who succeeds in doing something that is of help to the world." The best of success to you and happy New Year!!!

Rick Conlow is CEO & Senior Partner with WCW Partners. WCW Partners is a performance improvement and management consulting company. Based in Minneapolis/ST. Paul, Minnesota, we work with clients in a variety of industries worldwide to help them excel in sales, service and leadership.

We facilitate business growth and vitality through four practices-sales and customer retention improvement, organization and leadership development, innovation and communications strategy.

Rick is author of SuperSTAR Customer Service, Excellence in Management, Excellence in Supervision, Achieving Supervisory Excellence, GOALPOWER, and Returning to Learning. His latest book, co-authored with his business partner Doug Watsabaugh, The SuperSTAR Leadership Model, good boss or bad boss which one are you?

Rick has helped organizations increase sales 218%, improve repeat and referral business by 20%, increase customer retention to 99%, reduce complaints by 60% and achieve 34 quality awards. You can reach Rick at: or 888-313-0514.

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