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Being Creative Is A State Of Mind

Creative thought processes mindmapImage via WikipediaBy Joe A Crousore

The creative side of our minds not only lies in the MIND, it is all around us in all the things that we do every day. Knowing how to bring that creative imagination out is a process that many people don't understand, most people say I'm no good at this or that and therefore they think that they aren't creative at all. I'm here to tell them that they are wrong, everyone has a creative side, and we just have to get it to come out.

Bringing the artistic side of ourselves out isn't difficult but many people say that they aren't artistic yet they are they just haven't found it yet.

A very good example of this is in parenting a small child, you may be home doing things around the house and keeping an eye on the kids but you need to really get things done so you use your head on: What can I do to occupy these little ones while I get some things done? so that you don't have to worry much while they are doing whatever it is there doing.

This is a good example because then the parent or babysitter or whomever has to be creative in keeping them occupied. See and you thought that you weren't creative at all, but you are we all are.

There are all sorts of things that you can do to bring those original ideas out, but this really depends on what you are trying to accomplish, what your wanting to get done.

When I sometimes come up at a loss of what to build or engrave, I just take a break and do something that I enjoy doing, go for a ride on my motorcycle, fishing, reading a book, it varies the point is that just taking some time out for yourself is the thing to do to get your mind refreshed and a lot of the time when I'm taking these breaks this is when I get those ideas of creativity imagine that, there I was just relaxing then it came to me, this is how it seems to work at least for me most of the time.
  • Relax
  • Take time for yourself
  • Do something you enjoy
The main point of this whole article is to help you realize that when your in that non-creative mood and seem to find it, just take a break enjoy yourself get your mind of things and I'll bet that is when you might be most creative. The creative side of our minds not only lies in the MIND, it is all around us in all the things that we do every day.

My name is Joe Crousore and I have been woodworking and engraving for 15 plus years I enjoy it and like helping others in their endeavors. You can learn more about me and see more at my site, also there are other article you may enjoy:

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