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How to Fine Tune Your Vision

VisionImage by ransomtech via FlickrBy Ian Crossley

The whole point of a vision, is to give yourself something to aim at.

The biggest problem most people have at this point is deciding what they want to achieve, and it is the limiting thoughts and beliefs that you have, that will prevent you from writing down what you truly desire.

If you have a blank because you are still in the habit of trying to work out how things are going to happen, just let yourself wander into a fantasy world where everything is possible.

Once you have created a feeling of freedom, give serious thought to how you see what you would like your life to be in say 5 years time.

Take this vision and write it down in the present tense, being as specific as you can, even referring to how you feel and give some comments as to how much you are enjoying feeling as you do.

We have discussed earlier about making sure that where you want to be, is really a fit for you and as this video shows, where we are is sometimes not too bad once we realise what we have, but I want you to at least stretch your vision to incorporate at this time what you think would make you happy in the future.

Read this vision twice a day until you can feel being present in the vision, rather like rehearsing for a play. As much as possible live the part and really soak up how you feel, so that you can recall these feelings throughout the day.

At some point if you can really get the feelings based around your vision, thoughts will enter your head, that may actually endorse your vision, or they may be negative, whatever you feel, keep the vision alive and if you feel the need to make slight adjustments that is OK.

When you have got your vision to a point where you are really enjoying living in it, just let your mind wander into that vision as often as possible. You may find that your old thinking may keep trying to derail you, but you must not let your past limiting beliefs, control your vision of the future.

You will find that in sometimes just days, but definitely within a few weeks, you will feel different, and knowing that you are moving towards this vision creates a new spring in your step and an attitude of confidence in all you do.

Having a clear picture of where you are heading, will allow you to see hitherto unknown opportunities, opportunities that may always have been there, but now make perfect sense because they fit in with your vision.

As much as possible do not dwell on things that may appear to be going wrong, that will only keep you where your past thinking allows, you need to have a feeling of self confidence about heading towards your new found life.

Remember our results will always be the created by our thoughts and feelings, so it makes sense to control things by having great thoughts and wonderful feelings.

The less time you spend reporting on things that may seem to be going wrong, and spend more time reporting the things that are going right, your attitude to life will fit in perfectly with your feelings, and you will notice that you really do have control over how things unroll in front of you.

As with all things this may take a while to get comfortable with, but I can assure you that once you get the ability to create your vision, and have the faith and belief in achieving it, you are well under way, and there is nothing that can stop you.

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