Thursday, April 9, 2015

How Compassion and Altruism Create Resilience?

by Connecting Compassion:

Kelly McGonigal, PhD - one of my favourite and beloved teachers has recently gave a public lecture at Stanford. Kelly is a health psychologist and a co-author of the CCT program.

In this very engaging presentation she explores the question of how to stay connected to the sense of hope rather than the sense of overwhelm and despair, in difficult and stressful times. How it is possible to counterbalance the feelings of distress with the feelings of love and connection. Not to decrease or push away the stress but to respond to it differently.

Kelly not only presents the science of resilience but also references the practices that can transform our experience of suffering. The talk starts with a short (about 9 minute) practice led by Monica Hanson - another amazing CCT teacher! (Compassion Cultivation Training, Sept 2015).

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