Tuesday, March 31, 2015

6 Incredibly Inspiring Stories About Resilience and Change

by , Plucky You: http://pluckyyou.org/2015/01/21/6-short-incredibly-inspiring-stories-about-resilience-and-change/

Sometimes we have life-altering moments that create a monumental shift in our consciousness. They may be frightening, and rob of us something we thought we couldn’t survive without. Then they make us stronger, and change who we are. These are six stories about being scared, vulnerable, unsure, and abandoned, and coming out the other end.

1. A Stroke Changed Her Life

Brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor tells the mind-blowing story of how she woke up one morning and realized she was having a massive stroke. The insights that came to her shifted her thinking about reality forever.

2. Overcoming Adversity

Our hardships and our ability to overcome them become the story of our lives. They make us who we are. In another moving TED talk, Andrew Solomon delivers a narrative about strength, courage and overcoming adversity, his pluckiest message ever.

3. The Power of Vulnerability

Researcher and storyteller BrenĂ© Brown’s powerful 2010 TEDx talk about vulnerability launched her success. It makes a great introduction to her work and her books, which have spawned another small universe poised to empower all of us who think of ourselves as small.

4. We Are Stronger Than We Know

Poet Lemn Sissay shares a fascinating, and incredibly uplifting story about being abandoned as a child and finding his way in the world.

5. A Frank Talk About Suicide

Mark Henick explains what drives people to extreme thoughts and what helped him want to keep living.

6. Empathy Makes Us Better Humans

How do you respond when someone close to you is struggling? Brené Brown on how we deal with the darkness and challenges those around us are facing.

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