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Why? Pourquoi? ¿Por qué - The Universal Question That Makes Us THINK

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WHY is my favorite word. WHY is where everything starts.

As a young mom, I loved my toddlers’ ‘WHY Phase’:
“Why is the sky blue, Mommy?”
“Why are the ants having a parade?”
“Why?” “Why?” “Why?”

While some parents may think this is annoying, I see it as the beginnings of these little folks’ thinking process really kicking in, and an opportunity for them to actually begin to explore meaning and their place in this world.

It opens up the opportunity for real communication; not that we have to give answers, but that we can explore thought and the world with them, as they discover meaning for themselves.

During their teens, my sons would ask:
“WHY do I have to do my homework, NOW?”
“WHY can’t we live in a mansion in the hills like ‘'So-and-So’?”

Hmmm, yet another opportunity to help them develop that thinking muscle. My response:
“Why do YOU think it might be a good idea to do it now, rather than wait until later tonight?”
“Why is it important to you, to live there?”

The WHY questions become a place for these young people to start thinking, for us to really listen and ask more questions, and for them to explore meaning a bit more; to practice identifying and expressing their beliefs and core values .

Now, professionally, I find the WHY question continues to be the place to start and to exercise our own ‘thinking, muscles’, too.

It is the first question to ask, and to drill down on real meaning, in just about every situation - and definitely when it comes to developing and running our businesses, and communicating our messages to the world.

I believe this so strongly that we made sure it was integrated into the framework of The Co-Creation Community, and I’ve made it the first step in my own consulting program, 9 Steps To Marketing Success’.

Simon Sinek, author, TED Talker, optimist, has made a career of this question, and has also written a book about it. On the website, he asks:

Do you know your Why? The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do.”

He goes on to say:

“Very few people or companies can articulate WHY they do WHAT they do. By ‘WHY’, I mean your purpose, cause, or belief. –
WHY does your company exist?
WHY do you get out of bed every morning?
And WHY should anyone care?”

Food for thought, don’t you think? And a good place to start!

Do you ever wonder what The Right Questions’ to ask might be, when it comes to your business? MamaRed Knight and I have been having some fun playing around with this idea, and will be having a conversation about it on an open, live call to Tame the BizBeastie™ on August 5. Won’t you join us, and share your own answers - or questions?

Share some questions YOU believe are The Right Questions’. We want to listen to you, drill down, and help you get to what's meaningful for you. You'll be surprised how getting this clarity leads to success in all sorts of ways!

And please share them here, too.

Get the conversation going - it’s the place to START to discover meaning in both your life and your biz - and to tame those BizBeasties, too!

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