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Skills and Methods for Creative Thinking

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by Leon Edward

For some people, creative thinking is inherent however if you are not one of them you have nothing to worry about, because you can practice and develop the skill.

Listed below are a few skills that could nurture creative thinking skills.

Being organized

Organization and creativity may be antonyms in theory. People usually perceive that creativity would mean being unusual, with disorganized and unique thoughts, however that is not quite the case. Organizational skills will help you have a grip on your ideas and thoughts and assist creative thinking.

Reasoning Skills

Reasoning skills can trigger nurturing and development of creative thinking skills. Being able to reason out will help a lot when you are put in a difficult solution and you will be able to get a quick and effective solution to any problem.


This helps you to explore a lot of alternatives, options and possibilities to a single situation, and helps you to think beyond the usual, common ideas.

Any skill in the arts

If you are skilled in dance, music, poetry, drawing; your mind is already conditioned to be creative, let your thoughts flow and be a creative thinker. You have been gifted with creativity through your art, so creative thinking will come easily to you.

Creative thinking is quite a compelling skill, and it requires a lot of other skills to nurture and develop this skill.

The above mentioned skilled may be inherent for you, otherwise you can work on building up those skills, which will help you further to nurture and inculcate creative thinking. These skills will simplify and trigger the development of creative thinking skills.

Creative Thinking Methods

Creative thinking and development of these skills is a very personal process, there are no rules or no uniform protocols for the same. However, creative thinking can be triggered with the help of this basic procedure and sticking to this procedure will help you develop your creative thinking skills.

This is a simple four step procedure.

Step 1: Analyze

The first step would include a complete analysis of the problem or situation. Don't jump to conclusions; just give time to do a detailed analysis of the situation till you know all aspects of the problem or situation. Resolve any queries or apprehensions you have. The first step involves nothing but gathering all the correct and required information about the situation. Ask all the questions about the situation, and know the situation in and out.

Step 2: Brainstorming

After all the analysis of the situation, the next step is brainstorming. This is where creative thinking actually begins. Do what works best for you, think and brainstorm in a way which will be the best for you. There are various ways in which you can brainstorm; you can jot your ideas, yell them out, talk and discuss them with people or even try out a few of your ideas. Keep a tab on your thoughts and ideas, as they come.

Step 3: Break It Down

After brainstorming, you will have quite a lot of ideas and solutions to your problems. It's time to shortlist the best ideas and sort out the ones which will be effective. You can alter your ideas for them to be more effective and change the ideas to complement the circumstances. This step is nothing but going through your ideas, separating the ones which will be effective from the ones which won't, alter those ideas to fit the situation.

Step 4: Review

Last but not the least; finalize your idea from the top best ideas and make sure your solution is effective and foolproof. After you shortlist a few ideas and separate the effective ones from the lot, you will further pick only 1-2 such ideas which will be effective and useful, after which try and get to the depth of how foolproof these ideas will be and how they should be put to use.

You need organizational skills to be good at creative thinking, and this procedure is a pre-requisite to develop creative thinking skills.

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