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Destroy Your New Years Resolutions and Start Making Commitments

Cover of "Stop It!"
Cover of Stop It!
by Charles Fitzgerald Butler

Stop it! Stop it now! Do not attempt to make another New Year's Resolution.

January is almost over and most of you have quit on your resolutions.

Even worse, some of you have not even started.

Please don't participate in this annual ritual of disappointments. The birth of a New Year doesn't give birth to making commitments.

Resolutions (these days) are for people who know they're not going to accomplish them. They're a game.

They're a commercialized, commoditized, exercise in empty "dreaming" (the kind of dreaming people do to waste time and go through the motions).

Not the serious kind of visualizing and dreaming people do when they're DEAD SERIOUS about making changes. I don't make "new year's resolutions." I make commitments.

Resolutions don't work. You do it every year because it feels good. You write them down and tell your friends. You took January 1st off because it was a holiday. You had to go shopping, go the Rose Parade, and watch the bowl games. Things got in the way and you were going to start on Monday. Four weeks in and your resolutions are getting dusty.

You Need to Make Commitments

Make commitments and commit on taking massive action on your goals. Intentions without actions are useless. What is a commitment? Isn't the same as promises and resolutions. No it is not. When you commit to your goals there is no turning back. Your heart, mind, and body are engaged in getting you to your destination.

Here are 12 Key Aspects to Making Commitments

1. Know Where You Are Going

Narrow down your goals on where you want to be in 90 days, 6 months, and 12 months from now. Stop with the long to do list. 20% of all your work will give you 80% of the results. Focus on the 2-3 things that will help you bring in income. That's why we are in business to make income, profits, and cash flow.

2. Write it down

Write down your goals and look at them several times a day everyday. Keep them on your mind. Read your list morning, noon, and night. Think about what you want as often and possible. This is top of the mind activity. You are a goal setting and achieving mechanism. What you focus on will come to pass.

3. Create a Dream Board

After you have written your intentions add some pictures to your goals. Get visual. You need to visualize your end results and you need to see them everyday. Creating a dream board will let you see your end result live and in color. Knowing exactly what you want and seeing it will help you stay committed.

4. Just Start You Can't Control the Finish Line

You must begin with the first step. Everyone says take massive action. Do you know what massive action is.? Massive action sounds overwhelming especial if you are a newbie. Taking massive action can lead to burn out also.

On the other side doing nothing will lead to failure every time. Just start. You can not control the outcome. You live in the present. You must act in the present. You can not act yesterday or tomorrow. Doing something is better than doing nothing. So start! Take that first step and keep going.

5. Put in the Reps

Repetition is the mother of skill. Put in the reps with your business. Reps create quality. Leave perfection at the door and get used to producing quantity. It takes time to learn new skills, improve our strengths, and promote new products. Practice, practice, practice. If you are a blogger that means writing blogs. If you are a speaker that means giving speeches.

Focus on income producing activities and put in the reps on that. Sales and marketing are the life-blood in your business. You must sell. I don't care what the Gurus tell you. In order for someone to make money a sell has to be made. Marketing helps bring in the customers you need to sell to. Put the reps in sales and marketing.

6. Reality vs. Expectations

Temper your expectations. Expectations are a major cause of failure. Have you ever been on a date and expected the best night in your life. The date turned out to go well but it wasn't as you expected. You expected fireworks with that first kiss. All you got was a hug and let's go out next weekend.

Did you fail? This was the moment. Your date was the one. In realty it was a first date and it will lead to another. You didn't fail at all but you let your expectations ruin your evening.

Keep your reality in check when it comes to marketing campaigns, sales, presentations, and trainings. Business is a marathon. Get the facts. We don't suffer from lack of information. Know your numbers and stay away from people's opinions. Knowing the situation will keep you grounded and focused on your results.

7. The Thrill of Competition

We love competition. We love seeing athletes compete at their best going against the odds of a dominating opponent. In business it's good to check on your competition. What marketing is working for them? How are they engaging their customers? What sales techniques are they using?

Competition is a double edge sword when you try to compare your business to others in your industry. Your business is about you. Not anyone else. It's nice to have measurements but please compare apples to apples. Comparing your business to an industry leader will tire and frustrate you. Competition is a great motivator. Only compete against yourself and set your own milestones.

8. It's All About You

For your business to succeed you need to succeed. Personal development is a must. Behavior change is essential to expanding. You know this. Now commit to doing it. All it takes is 15-30 minutes a day. It takes 21 days or more to develop new habits. Work on yourself and your business will grow.

9. Get an Accountability Partner

You don't live in a bubble. You need someone to tell you when you are milking it. Someone needs to hold you accountable. This person needs to be strong and resistant to your charm. It should upset you when they say you are dropping the ball. They need to stick it to you when you fumble. It's not all negative. They are their with words of encouragement and advice. Consider them as your sounding board on new ideas and implementation of plans.

10. Masterminding

Connect with a mastermind group. Get with entrepreneurs online or in your community. Learn from successful people. Remember success leaves clues. You could join Toast Masters International, a civic group, or industry related group. Get involved, learn, and share.

11. Actions Beat Intentions Every Time

You have your goals, dream board, accountability partner, and mastermind group. But you need to take action. All the intentions in the world means nothing without action. Commitments don't get accomplished without action.

12. Make Sure You Are in the right Business

All these aspects mean nothing if you are in the wrong business. Picking the right business for your strengths and talents is essential to cash flowing success. Can you succeed in any industry? Maybe? There is a reason Payton Manning is in the Super Bowl. He is in the right business. If you hate pushing nutrition products, real estate, or insurance. Don't be in that business. Don't chase the money chase your strengths.

You know what you excel at. If you don't, ask your spouse, partner, friends, or family. There are hinge moments in your life where you were top dog and accomplished great things. Unearth those skills and get busy profiting from them. Exploit yourself.


It will take sacrifice, discipline, and work. These are action words that most people hate. Commitments are rarely easy. Just picture the athlete who gets up every morning to train. The entertainer who puts in hours perfecting her craft. That's commitment. Your business deserves the same focused intensity. Take action and destroy your New Years Resolutions.

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