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Goal Setting: What Do You Want?

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by Patti L Rose

When was the last time someone asked you this question? What do you want?

I was asked this question several times this last weekend. And, I have to tell you, it changed me.

I had the great pleasure of spending three days with twenty-two powerful life coaches and thought leaders.

You can't imagine the inspiration and creative energy that permeated the atmosphere in that room.

Not only was it transformational, but it was seductive, motivating and exhilarating all at the same time!

The theme we focused on for our three days together was ...

What's Possible?

One thing I realized is that most people don't get asked this question very often, if at all. So I want to ask you now ... what is it that you truly want for yourself and your life?

Life has got to be more than doing the Monday-to-Friday-grind and living for the weekends, right? It's gotta be more than going to work to pay the bills, and hoping that you'll have enough retire someday. It's gotta be more than getting the kids through college or paying off the mortgage.

It's been said that we spend more time planning our two-week vacation than we ever do planning our life. Life is precious and it's yours to live however you want to live it.

You can make it so yummy and exhilarating that you can hardly wait to jump out of bed in the morning, or you can live in default-mode just getting by day after boring day.

How will you choose to live yours next year? What do you want? What have you always wanted?

Sometimes when I ask new clients this question, they honestly don't know what they want. That's because thinking in these terms is so foreign, it's like a muscle that needs to be strengthened and developed.

To help you embrace this way of thinking and begin planning for your yummy life, here are a few questions to get the juices flowing:

1. If failure were not an option, what goal would I go after this year?
2. If time or money were not an issue, what would I to do with my life?
3. If I could have it be absolutely any way I wanted, what would I create in my life?
4. What truly makes my heart sing?
5. What would make me jump out of bed every morning?
6. What do I love to do so much that I would do it for free and be amazingly happy?

Now, beginning with the first one, journal on each question for fifteen minutes each day for the next six days. Then watch how possibilities for living a truly yummy life start to show up for you.

When you set goals to live a life you truly love - not just in one area of your life but in every area of your life - you have an abundance of energy to do the things you want to do.

Your life will start to flow because of your clear intention, which means you'll attract the right people and experiences to help you reach your goals. All because you got clear on what you want to create in your life.

Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning because you're so excited about the life you've created for yourself? This is what's possible when you set goals that inspire you.

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  1. When I was interviewed by Jeffrey Slayter, he asked me that very question, "What is it that you truly want for yourself and your life?" I remember that I just babbled something about growing and learning. Boy! I was definitely clueless. If you ask me now, I can tell you what I want.