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5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Creativity

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by Christine Herman

Have you ever been working faithfully on a creative project and suddenly come to a standstill?

Your ideas have run dry or you struggle to find a solution to a particular issue.

On top of that, you have a looming deadline and the pressure is on.

This obstacle may show up in the form of any one of these symptoms:

- getting overwhelmed by details
- being distracted and getting off task easily
- running around but not getting much done
- losing track of your vision
- lacking inspiration and enthusiasm
- feeling tired or bored
- feeling flustered and frustrated

So how can you get un-stuck and back into your creative fun and flow? Here are a few of my quick go to strategies to jumpstart your creativity. In fact, I try to use them proactively in my own life as an artist and entrepreneur.

1. Giddy Up

When you fall into a creative funk, it's time to take some action. Try a short 5 minute walk, stretching, or dance to your favorite tunes. By increasing circulation and putting your body in motion you literally free up stagnant energy. With new energy being generated,this literally shifts your thoughts and boosts your creative thinking, motivation and enthusiasm.

2. Putz

If your brain is shutting down, it's calling for a much needed break. Putz a little. Set a timer for 15 minutes and engage in an easy, process-orientated activity. File a stack of papers, do the recycling,sort your supplies,clean off a work surface. You'll feel productive and return to your creative project with a better attitude.

3. Refuel

Weave in a fun weekly field trip for yourself. Think of experiences, places or people on your bucket list. Go to a museum, check out that intriguing shop you've been meaning to visit, go to the library, farmers market or second hand store. In other words, soak up a healthy dose of new stimuli, ideas and perspectives to fuel and inspire your own. Double the fun and ask a friend or family member to join you.

4. Come to your senses

Connecting with your senses revitalizes and rejuvenates you in simple yet powerful ways. Try rubbing a drop of sweet orange essence between your hands bringing it to your nose, breathing in its awakening citrus scent. Make yourself a flavor-packed treat, like hot chocolate with ginger, chili or anise. These simple acts of pleasure and self-nurturing will help you relax you inside and out.

5. Be honest

If you're interest has been waning for weeks, ask yourself if this particular project is really what you desire or if what you truly want is the result you think it will bring. Be curious and open to considering whether there may be an easier or better way to manifest your creative goals and defining your successes.

To your creative success!

Christine Herman helps talented women transform their doubts and blocks so they can bring their creative gifts into the world in fulfilling and prosperous ways.

As a creative breakthroughs coach, artist, and founder of Your Path on Purpose, she blends artful self-discovery and pragmatic tools to inspire her clients through retreats, speaking, workshops, private and group programs.

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