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The Best Laid Plans Sometimes Aren't

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by Nancy F Sharp

As the surprise snowstorm in October 2011 took over and the lights went out, it became apparent that the power was not going to be returned in a simple matter of hours, as the storm's reach was broad and totally unexpected.

We hunkered down and made some plans about how to get through. The house got colder and colder.

We felt somewhat prepared with our little commando generator-we used it to make the coffee in the morning and heat one of our offices with a tiny heater through the day. The other office had a constant fire burning in the fireplace as I continued to see local clients.

At night we'd use the generator to power a lamp ... and while we were sleeping we'd run the refrigerator.

Yes, we had a plan, a system to help us cope. Plans and systems are good, but when they aren't sufficient ... they don't keep you content and happy for long. By day 5, we were coughing and sneezing and just cold to the bone.

So, we packed up and went to my parent's home about 40 minutes away ... they had never lost power. We moved in with our dirty laundry, our colds, our yellow lab and all necessary belongings until it was announced the power was back on at home.

Reflect ... Evaluate ... Adapt

Upon reflection, we knew that our response to this situation - our plan, our system, our tool kit - needed to be improved.

So we installed a 20Kw full house, on demand generator... it's a big one! And it has an ample propane tank. I made sure there was $$ in reserve in case we ran out of propane in the middle of another weather or 'whatever' event.

Well, the storm of 2012 arrived and I am happy to say we did not lose power. Hurricane Sandy also blasted its way up the coast and we stayed toasty, warm and intact. In fact, we haven't lost power since October 2011.

Still, each week when the generator runs its weekly test, I am relieved to hear it turn on. Adapting our situation at the house with a better emergency plan has definitely given us peace and contentment.

Sometimes, in life, we think we have our best responses to situations all lined up and ready to go ... only to discover that our plan has some weaknesses and we're left coping with a result we'd rather not deal with.

You can experience this in five important areas of life:

  1. Financially - job security issues, glass income ceiling, stop trying, overspending
  2. Professionally - lack of focus, ambition, enthusiasm, or a desire to perform at our best
  3. Physically - stress, anxiety, headaches, high blood pressure, chronic pain or fatigue, food cravings
  4. Emotionally - worry, resentfulness, sadness, anxiety
  5. Relationally - when not feeling on top of your game, you may isolate because you do not have enough energy to connect and it is not fun to be or be with a Debbie or Doug Downer.

The root of why we respond the way we do is extremely important to understand. That usually requires some shoring up of our "bedrock"- a deeper look at the reasons for our current situation and how to plan and strategize to fulfill our dreams for a better life.

It provides us with the ability to change or update our response patterns so we can finally change our story ...


To live a life better than the status quo and enjoy the benefits in all 5 areas:

  • Financially - enjoy a feeling of greater security and control of your money
  • Professionally - have greater focus and ambition
  • Physically - experience a greater sense of well-being
  • Emotionally - feel lighter, more contentment, happiness, peace
  • Relationally - experience positive and fulfilling connections.

This life really can be yours.

Nancy is the Life Balance Expert for accomplished professionals and executives who want more work-life-family balance and a blueprint to realize the life they dream about.

Using her time-sensitive Signature System, Nancy partners with busy professionals who suffer from stress, overwhelm and a lost sense of purpose.

She offers the tools that allow clients to quickly discover a clear path through the forest AND clearly shows each one how to effectively use the tools step-by-step as they put their plan into action, resulting in improved health, relationships, finances and happiness.

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