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Rich vs. Poor: 5 Things Rich People Do That Others Don’t

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by Gabriela Motroc, 21st Century News:

When you want to change your life for the better, take a look at rich people’s habits and follow their path.

Starting with Dave Ramsey and including Thomas Corley, there are many who offer people the chance to think like a rich person and then become one.

Thomas Corley’s book, Rich Habits includes ten principles that have been gathered throughout a period of five years.

The author interviewed 223 rich people and 128 poor ones with regard to 200 activities each group participated in and his conclusion is clear: both change and success are directly proportional to certain habits that keep both-the mind and body healthy.

Thomas Corley concludes that his findings revealed “a difference a lot like Grand Canyon between daily activities of the wealthy and the daily activities of the poor people”, a statement which could be heard at Talk Credit Radio.

Although there are as many as twenty things the rich do every day, there are five habits that they never skip.

Rich people eat healthy

According to Thomas Corley, 97% of the poor rely on junk food and while this kind of alimentation is very accessible, eating unhealthy food affects not only your weight, but also your health.

Junk food is like a snowball which ultimately leads to heart disease and diabetes, therefore leaving you unable to make money. Moreover, medical expenses are also a natural consequence of an unbalanced diet, so your finances will be damaged.

Corley found out that 70% of the rich do not eat junk food, because an unhealthy diet will slow down not only their pace but also their finances.

Rich people exercise more

It is not because they have more time to lose, but according to Corley 76% of the rich exercise at least four times a week, while only 23% of the poor take up aerobics or any other sport that can help them stay active.

When speaking to Gerri Detweiler on Talk Credit Radio, Corley also admitted that rich people treasure health and their physical wellness walks hand in hand with their ability to work longer and have more energy.

Being healthy also means they don’t get sick very easily thus boosting their productivity. Ultimately, staying healthy and exercising is “driven by their desire to be successful”, Corley says.

Rich people do not procrastinate

In his book, Thomas Corley says that the wealthy are “goal-oriented and accomplish things”, which makes them not only proactive, but also morally obligated to not delay their chores.Once you realize that you should never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, you will think like a rich person.

Rich people are more educated

Although some poor people are also educated, what makes the rich have the right attitude towards work and success is the fact that they read a lot of books that motivate and help them keep an eye on the final prize, namely accomplishment.

Corley found that 76% of the rich read at least two books per month that helps them boost their vocabulary, knowledge and motivation. On the other hand, only 2% of the poor read career-related books.

Rich people cherish relationships

Corley states that “successful people are students of relationship building”, which means that they cherish the connections they have with people that are part of their network.

A rich person knows that connections are everything, so they made a make it a habit to return phone calls and look for methods to boost their relationships. Rich people always remember birthdays and keep networking.

Thomas Corley found that 79% of the rich spend approximately five hours networking whereas only 16% of the poor consider socializing necessary.

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