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Living in the Present Moment, a Ticket to Peace

Life... Is for Living
Life ... Is for Living (Photo: Wikipedia)
by Genie L Perron

Wouldn't it be nice to live a carefree life? What if I told you that you can? Would you laugh or walk away in disbelief?

Well, the simple truth is that you can choose to have a carefree life. The one, most effective method to living this way is to live in your present moment.

Too often we spend our time fretting about things in our past or worrying about our future.

In reality, the only thing we have is our present moment.

Now is the only time that exists for any of us. Isn't it time we make the most of our present?

Here are some simple steps to help keep your thoughts focused where they can do the most good:

1. Remember that life is lived in the Now, the present moment. You may think of the past as real, but it is really just a memory now. It exists in your mind and the memory is greatly affected by your perception at the time. The future never really gets here. Once it does, it is the Now. So, past and future are really only visions in your mind. All real living takes place in your present moment.

2. Know that time and awareness of time has a place in your life. Its practical use is for scheduling day to day things in your life. It gives us all a concrete, uniform focal point. It is also good for remembering lessons from the past. Every lesson we take from our past is used for better living here in our present moment, our Now.

3. Try to be fully present in your life, moment by moment. Too often we are rushing through our life to get from one perceived milestone to the next. When we live this way, we miss out on all the depth and beauty in the journey. Try to take each moment as it comes. Don't be too ruled by the getting to an end destination. Use all your senses as you navigate towards you goals, fully savoring each moment.

4. Shift your way of thinking so that you realize that there really are no problems in your life. Your life is a series of situations and events. Some events will require your attention and some sort of action and some can be left alone and life will sort them out for you. This is only a problem if you tell yourself it is.

5. You do not need to suffer. When you get good at seeing situations in your life as merely life events to be dealt with or left alone, you can see that it becomes your choice whether to create problems or not. It's simply a choice you make each moment of every day. Do I make this a problem or do I see this as a twist in the plot of my life? Stop creating problems and you stop creating pain!

6. Know that if you are ever faced with a life or death emergency, your instincts will kick in. In fact, you will be so focused on your present moment that your mind won't have a chance to analyze things and overthink.

7. Be present by accepting your Now moment. Recognize that you are where you are and that's OK. Be still, center yourself in the acceptance of what is and know that in the stillness, inspired action will come. Learn to go with the flow of life and to stop trying to orchestrate the "hows" and "whens" of your life. Stop fussing over the details and go general, accepting where you're at and pre-paving the good that awaits you. Expect good things and they will come.

Life is good and life is now. Apply some of these simple strategies and watch how your present moment and all your moments become lighter and more positive. Now is all we have. Enjoy your life in gratitude and acceptance and know that the better it gets, the better it gets!

About the author: Genie Lee Perron is the author of "Things I Wish My Mother Had Said... (or maybe she did)". Please visit or for more information.

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