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5 Things: How Badly Do You Want to Get to Your Financial Goals?

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by Marcia Francois

There are two types of people in the world - those who talk about things and those who make things happen. I like to think I'm in the second bunch.

Thing is, I hear lots of people say they want to live without credit, travel more, pay off their bond, etc, etc. but not many of those people will get there if they don't have these 5 things in place:

Clarity of vision

You can't be fuzzy about your financial goals. Your vision should be as clear as if it is already reality. Many years ago my husband and I decided to buy our first property. We looked around and realised that we needed a 10% deposit as well as the transfer and attorneys' fees. It was far more than we had in savings so we put our dream on hold for a bit. However, our vision was very clear and over that next year we saved like crazy and bought our first property "on time".


Once you know where you want to be, you don't let go of that vision and the work to get there... ever. It's hard when all around you people are "living it up" even if sometimes living it up just means eating out occasionally. That's the ideal time to remind yourself of your dream.

Impatience is good

I think this is the one place where it's good to be impatient. I'm an impatient person but I get SUPER impatient when I'm close to achieving a financial goal. It's almost like the end is so close I just can't wait anymore and so I work super hard and usually do it in just a month or two. I've paid off my last two cars like this when the end was in sight (another 6 months to go).


I talk a lot about this in the goals pack but you need to be nimble to navigate obstacles and... let me warn you, obstacles always come. You're this close to paying off an account when suddenly you need new tyres on your car or some extra x-rays not covered by the medical aid. Don't let these unexpected expected expenses (!) derail you - it's just life, not a lesson to teach you you'll never be debt-free. Keep focussed and work your plan.

Relentless pursuit

This point might sound a bit like perseverance but it's not. Perseverance is keeping on while relentless pursuit means to actually chase after something with single-minded focus. That could mean selling one car and sharing a car with your husband so you can pay off your debt faster. It could mean maintaining your standard of living even while getting salary increases and bonuses.

The beauty of a financial dream is that the harder you work at all of these things, the shorter the time you have to do it. If you dibble dabble, however, you may be stretching towards your goal forever.

Marcia Francois is a time management coach and speaker who inspires busy women to break out of overwhelm, make the most of their time and take purposeful and focussed action so they have the time and freedom to live life to the full.

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