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The Terror Barrier

Fear (Photo credit: screenpunk)
by Trevor Wayne Carll

One of the most powerful lessons I have experienced is undoubtedly the lesson in life where you run up against what I call "The Terror Barrier."

Bob Proctor talks so brilliantly on this topic - explaining that any time when we are setting a goal that will have us skip a couple of rungs on the ladder of success, you will come face to face with this "Barrier."

The Terror Barrier exists because in making or trying to make significant changes to yourself and your life, you are moving yourself out of your comfort zone.

When confronted by this Barrier, you have a choice - you can step back into safety and continue to experience the same results year after year, or you can have the courage to confront your terror barrier and experience the growth that you have been seeking.

If you think back, you will probably be able to recall the first time you came face-to-face with the Terror Barrier. Did you step through it to freedom or back into safety, imprisoned by your own fears?

The Terror Barrier is a real entity ... 

 Now, I could waste a lot of time telling you that the Terror Barrier is a figment as gauzy and hazy as the smoke from an extinguished campfire. But you'll tell me differently, because fear can feel like a very real entity.

What you think in your head is often acted out in your body - when faced with their Terror Barrier, people will actually break out in a cold sweat, find themselves covered in sudden hives, and even feel their hearts palpitate.

Your perception is your reality! That's how soundly your paradigms of "no" and "it can't be done" are grounded in your Mind.

Your comfortable mind will do anything it can think of to back you away from the "danger" of the unknown, just as it had me backing down those diving-board stairs.

In James Allan's classic, " As A Man Thinketh," he mentioned that fear can kill a person faster than a speeding bullet. While coming up against your Terror Barrier might not kill you physically, it can certainly kill something inside you.

How to be a wrecking ball on your own Terror Barrier ...

1. Bulldoze through it scared. That's right ... just keep marching, no matter how badly your feet want to stay rooted to the ground. Refuse to permit this negative demon to control you, your emotions ... your future.

2. Remember - Terror rears its ugly head every time we attempt to make a major move in life into an area we have never travelled before. It's as natural as day and night. Where before you used to let it stop you cold, now you can simply shrug and tell yourself, "Oh, there it is again. Well! This must really mean something great to me!"

3. Then, further remind yourself that it might be an unknown, but the other side of that Terror Barrier will have you that much closer to your goal. I'd encourage you to fall in love with THAT feeling of accomplishment, get wrapped up in it! I often say that if your goal doesn't scare and excite you at the same time, you're going after the wrong goal!

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

That is excellent advice. By following her advice you will liberate yourself from the crippling emotional state that the Terror Barrier causes.

Do it scared. Begin to visualize yourself successfully being a wrecking ball on that Terror Barrier of yours. Mentally see yourself winning.

Remember, perception IS reality!

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