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The Power of Looking Ahead and Achieving Goals

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by Cynthia L Hatcher

Looking ahead can be difficult for some of us because what we may be experiencing right now could be an unpleasant situation.

Some of us can find it difficult to look ahead because we still feel the disappointment of the not too recent past.

But I have found, without a shadow of doubt, there is power in looking ahead.

Forward thinking or envisioning the future with hope has the ability, if we allow it, to pull us out of where we are and helps us to focus on where we would like to be.

Let's use for example the steps it takes to plan a vacation (these steps may vary from person to person and family to family).

1. You decide where you want to go.
2. You decide when you want to go and how long you will stay.
3. You then figure out the cost of getting there and what it will cost to stay for awhile.
4. You research to know what it is like there so you can pack properly
5. Maybe then you will pre-plan some of the things you will do while there.
6. Then as the days and months draw closer, you begin to imagine what it will be like for you when you get there.

Writing down a plan can also be used to look ahead toward your professional or personal life. Make the plan as plain as you possible can so it will not cause you any confusion or frustration when you revisit it.

The first step is to take the time to decide what you want your personal or professional life to look like. This step will consist of scheduling thinking time. This is the time you dream and meditate. This is the first and key step in your plan.

The second step is to count the cost. There is a price to pay for everything that we want in this world. There could be some financial cost because you may have to invest in yourself by gaining education. It is important to review the time and energy you will spend on your personal or professional journey.

The next step is to research. There may be others who have gone before you and you can look into to it to find valuable information. Your research can easily be done over the internet.

One of the richest ways to find out what you need to know is gaining access to the person or persons themselves and asks for an interview.

After the research then you will have to make a plan of getting there yourself. This step will be your own personal map. The plan can be and should be flexible.

You may have to decide on different ways to get to your goal because you may try something and it doesn't work. If or when that happens, there should already be a "Plan B" in place.

In order to achieve any goal, there is going to be a need to plan. The one key that should not be overlooked, nor left out is to have vision by exercising the power to look ahead.

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