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How to Gain Confidence in Yourself

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by Jonathan Bello

Basic tips to help you be confident and move up in your life

Being confident is tricky, but at the same time it is very easy to feel good about yourself.

To lead a better lifestyle, you must learn to be confident and display your positive side to the world.

There are three basic areas to focus on to get your confidence back on track: appearing, thinking and practicing confidently.

Confident Appearance

  • Posture: Your posture communicates a lot about you, so make sure it reflects your confidence. For a confident posture, always keep your spine straight, chin high and shoulders back.
  • Smile: A small smile can resolve many social difficulties, so always have a smile on your face. Bear in mind that a fake smile is easily recognizable, and make yours genuine.
  • Eye contact: Eye contact is the main component that adds confidence to a communication. It makes the other person feel involved and increases his or her respect for you.
  • Looks: In order to look confident, dress in clothes you feel comfortable in, and get used to looking good.
  • Over-apology: Saying sorry is good manners, but doing it excessively can make you seem less confident, so avoid apologizing unnecessarily.
  • Accept compliments gracefully: Whenever you receive a compliment, gracefully thank the person who gave it, instead of shaking your head or rolling your eyes.

Thinking Confidently

  • Talent Recognition: Focusing on the things that you excel at will divert you from your flaws and help you to be confident.
  • Manage Obstacles: Take note of all the obstacles preventing you from being confident and tackle them one by one.
  • You are not alone: Remember that no one is born perfect: you are not alone in struggling with your confidence.
  • Take it as a process rather than a singular accomplishment: Confidence isn't like a degree that you have to achieve only once; rather, it is a process of continuous improvement.

Practicing Confidence

  • Improvise on your interests: Focus on what you are interested in and groom your skills in that. This will enhance your confidence level and make you feel better.
  • Converse with strangers: Try communicating with people you don't know to be confident and better able to speak in public.
  • Hold your stare: To practice eye contact, start making it with strangers and see who maintains it longer. You will notice that others are also shy of holding eye contact for a long time.
  • Help others: Helping others will cheer them up, making you feel better and more confident.
  • Expect success: If you begin a task expecting to fail, you will never be able to put in your best. Always expect the best to work confidently.
  • Take risks: Taking risks is the only way to succeed; new experiences will make you learn; and knowledge will help you to be confident.

These are the basic tips to follow to gain confidence in yourself.

Article originally written by Jonathan Bello who runs http://www.amazinglifetools.com where he is dedicated to creating a blog about personal growth and self improvement.

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