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The Power of Repetition and the Subconscious

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by Lawrence Stainbank

The power of repetition is something that can move mountains and enable any of us to achieve virtually anything.

Chuck Berry

The godfather of rock and roll, Chuck Berry, was once asked how he became such a brilliant guitar player. 'Oh that', replied Chuck 'that's just repetition of execution'.

The first time you mounted a bicycle could you ride it perfectly?

Repetition of execution eventually enabled you to ride the bike without wobbling all over the place and without staring at the front wheel.

Introducing the subconscious

Why is it that every time you do something that you have done perfectly many times before you don't have to learn the skills needed all over again?

This is because your subconscious mind absorbed the necessary information and remembers the correct way to execute the task. It passes that information to your conscious mind which, acting on the information received, carries out whatever it is you needed to do.

In this regard your subconscious is rather like the memory of a computer, without the knowledge stored in it you would not be able to send an email or even search the web.

The power of the subconscious

I put it to you that you cannot, therefore, do anything new without learning the skills required and committing those skills to the subconscious for future use. The subconscious, properly programmed, is capable of enabling us all to do pretty much anything we desire.

Goal setting

Let us say that buying your dream home is your goal. Remember you get to your goal if you do not have one. To only state that you want a new home isn't enough.

To begin with you need to have a crystal clear picture, we all think in pictures, of the precise nature of this new home.

You need to write down in excruciating detail everything about your new home including the number of rooms, the nature of those rooms, the square footage, the exact location, the value etc. etc.

It really needs to be as full a description as you are capable of producing. You should also include the moving in date. Do not be concerned where the money is coming from.

The power of repetition

Secondly, and this is where the power of repetition comes in, read your description at least once every day.

Reading every day is the equivalent of practicing on your bike or guitar every day. Your subconscious mind is building an exact image of what it is you desire. Eventually, as far as your subconscious is concerned, it knows precisely what you want and understands your burning desire to acquire it.

The 'how' mode

Now your subconscious moves into the 'how' mode. We have all struggled to remember the name of someone famous and it just won't come to mind. Hours later, long after we have dismissed the whole thing from our conscious mind, the name seems to just spring to forward.

What has been happening in the meanwhile is, of course, that our subconscious has been sifting through it's memory banks. It knows you want the information so it finds it for you.

In the example of the new home it is the combination of the information stored in your subconscious, almost burned in, coupled with your unquenchable desire that causes the subconscious to begin the process of working out how to achieve the goal, but the new home.

Eventually the solution, without being forced by you, will be transferred to the conscious mind.

Combining goal setting and the power of repetition, in this way, has worked time and time again for many thousands of people, including myself. Do not dismiss it as psycho babble.

Lawrence Stainbank

My name is Lawrence Stainbank and I live in London, England near the banks of the River Thames. After years of struggling I eventually discovered the right product and the right way to promote it in December 2012.

I would love to help you to achieve your potential and live the wonderful life of an internet marketer, you may want to begin by checking out my blog here.

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