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Achieving Goals One Step At A Time: What A Difference An Hour Makes

...Nothing but a Dream
...Nothing but a Dream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by Allan Gregoire

One of the worst feelings in the world is the abandonment of a dream.

Your heart was initially in it, but somewhere along the way, the brilliance of that light slowly dimmed and faded to black.

But, why would anyone allow their dream to die when it's one of the few bright spots in our own personal world?

I believe the answer lies beyond just a mere lack of belief in oneself.

Realizing a dream often entails a tremendous amount of effort on our part, and even sometimes requires the cooperation of others.

With a finite amount of energy, we often resign ourselves to the lie that the effort probably isn't worth it. What an epic tragedy.

I myself have experienced what I call "little deaths" at various points in my life. Little deaths are what we experience when we fail to take a sustained, focused shot at achieving our dreams. The feeling that accompanied those "little deaths" is a feeling I wish to never experience again.

But, the only way to avoid that is to do the work necessary to achieve the dream. So, how do we marshal the strength to tackle the enormous challenge in front of us? Easy. Break it down into smaller tasks. Let me explain.

I'm currently writing a book and to be quite honest, I've been having trouble getting myself motivated to complete it.

But, my failure to do so is actually a function of my personality and how I approach finishing tasks. I'm a sprinter. I have to be able to see the finish line and get there in one short burst of energy. Long distance running as it applies to completing tasks in not my forte.

I can complete a blog post such as this one in one sitting thereby satisfying my "sprinter" personality. Why? Because it's short in length and I can clearly see the finish line and am motivated to get there.

So, for me to complete large tasks, it's necessary for me to break it down into smaller and more manageable tasks.

In terms of the book I'm writing, I've realized that I have to concentrate on only finishing one chapter at a time and not worry about how everything will tie into each other later.

So, in order to get it done, I committed to one hour three times a week. With each hour, I incrementally edge one step closer to my goal. In doing so, I get the "sprinter's" satisfaction of reaching the finish line.

And, so it is with any goal or dream you wish to realize. Just know that you have to put in the work and if it's scheduled it becomes real.

And, each time you honor that commitment to the schedule, your self-worth grows. I'm sure you've heard it said that it doesn't matter if you're taking big steps or baby steps, either way you are moving forward!

In addition to the book I'm writing, I'm embarking on a new career. In order for me to be successful, I need to spend the same amount of time educating myself about the industry that I've devoted to writing the book. That's right, one hour at a time. A little less internet and T.V. time and I'm well on my way.

Do yourself a favor and separate yourself form the usual time wasters in your day (you know what they are) and devote that hour each day to improving yourself and making progress towards your goals. I guarantee you'll be a believer in what a difference an hour makes.

An enduring fascination with peak performance systems and human motivation and achievement led Allan Gregoire to a career as an author. The author has worked in the resort industry, financial services, and the legal profession.

The author writes content for his website, a site devoted to exploring your calling and destiny and achieving high levels of success.

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