Friday, August 16, 2013

Setting Goals - My 6 Point Plan

by Lawrence Stainbank

Setting goals is much more than simply compiling a 'to do' list. Whether for personal or business reasons the method for achieving your goals, if followed correctly, is extremely effective.

It all starts with a dream

A goal is about fulfilling a dream. Using our wonderful human imagination we can envisage what we want as opposed to what we have.

It might be a new home, a better car, giving someone you care for the option of not working, being fitter or slimmer or improving a relationship. It is important not to restrict the scope of your dreams. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it!

Clarity is everything

It isn't enough to simply think in terms of the new home or the new car. You must sit down and write out not just the things you desire but a very detailed description of them.

For example if a smart new car is your goal then describe it in terms of make, model, external colour, internal trim, engine type and size and any extras or modifications.

It is also vital that you set a definite date for achieving your goals and the reason for this brings us to the most interesting aspect of setting goals.

The power of the subconscious

You have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind and an unconscious mind. We are concerned today with the extraordinary relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Have you ever found yourself trying to remember the name of someone famous or some other fact that you know you should be able to bring to the front of your mind instantly? Of course you have.

Frustrated you dismiss the whole exercise and yet some time later the answer springs into your consciousness and you announce it to the world triumphantly.

What has happened is that your subconscious mind has been sifting through the billions of pieces of information that it has stored, found the relevant facts and pushed them into your consciousness

Tapping into the power of the subconscious mind

What if you programmed your subconscious mind with your goals in such a way that your brain accepts them as not merely vague desires but as a set of instructions to act upon within your time frame.

In other words your subconscious will begin to provide your conscious brain with the information you need to actually achieve your goals.

This programming is accomplished by reading your goals every day. Do you now appreciate why they must be written and in great detail.

Self image

Your self image must not get in the way of setting goals. Your self image is your version of you and it starts to form from the day you enter this world. Your surroundings and the people you meet every day are instrumental in forming the person that you believe yourself to be.

If enough people tell you often enough that you can't sing then you begin to accept it as a fact even though there may be no reason why you couldn't sing. Not being able to sing becomes part of your self image.

Unfortunately these self fulfilling prophecies can become so extensive that they can have a very negative effect on many aspects of you life.

You can change your self image

There is every chance that you believe that you cannot achieve many or all of your goals because your self image is telling you that they are simply not achievable by someone like you.

The process that I have described above is not just programming for success but re-programming your subconscious to generate a new self image.

In truth there is nothing that the average person cannot achieve. Setting goals gives your life focus and meaning, achieving them will give a massive boost to your confidence and happiness.

Don't let anyone steal your dreams.

Lawrence Stainbank

My name is Lawrence Stainbank and I live in London, England near the banks of the River Thames.
After years of struggling I eventually discovered the right product and the right way to promote it in December 2012.

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